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PT: group
vertical columns
PT: period
horizontal rows
pt: Metals
first 2 groups, minus H.. Entire middle section, including removed portion, and elements to the right of the stairstep, including Al and Po
pt: Nonmetals
Hydrogen, Plus colums 14-18 on right side of stair step line
pt: Metalloids
Elements along both sides of stairstep line, minus Al, Po, At
pt: elements in a group
have similar chemical properties
pt: elements in a period
have different chemical properties
diatomic molecules
N2, O2, F2, Cl2, Br2, I2
tetratomic molectule
octatomic molecules
S8, Se8
Atomic Number (Z)
Number of PROTONS
Mass Number (A)
number of protons + neutrons
Isotopic Symbol
Atomic Mass
mass of a single atom
Molecular Mass
mass of a single molecule (sum of atomic masses of each atom in molecule)
Formula mass
the sum of the atomic masses of each atom in a formula unit (ionic compounts, not molecules, but crystalline)
Average Atomic mass
Atomic mass when all isotopes and their relative percentages are taken into account