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Anxiety (n) / Anxious (adj)
A state of being nervous about uncertain future events./
The quality of being nervous about uncertain future events.
Fortuitous ( adj)
Happening by change or accident.
Lucky or fortunate.
Cantankerous (adj)
Bad tempered and grumpy.
Spurious (adj)
Lacking authenticity, false, not genuine, a false representation.
Loquacious (adj)
Very talkative.
Paragon (n)
A person or thing that has a quality so superior that it has no equal.
Enervate (v)
To weaken.
Extricate (v)
To unravel, to get out of a dangerous or complicated situation, to separate.
Inception (n)
The beginning, when it came to be.
Reprobate (n)
A bad, dishonest person.
Discern (v) / Discerning (adj)
To detect subtle differences, having the ability to detect subtle differences
Terse (adj)
Having few words.
Archaic (adj)
Related to an old, previous or more primitive time.
Abstruse (adj)
Hard to understand, confusing, hidden..
Verisimilitude (n)
The quality of being likely or probable.
Consternation (n)
A sudden, alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion; dismay.
Pervasive (adj)
Expedient (n)
Based on self interest & promotion.
self ______
Prudent (adj)
Cautious & well thought out
Pyrrhic (victory) (n)
A battle won at great cost
Early in development or skill.
Unwaveringly focused on a task or job.
Taciturn (adj)
Saying very little.
Conflagration (n)
A large, disastrous fire.
Charlatan (n)
A person who fakes knowledge or skills.
Complement (n)
Something that goes with something else.
Substantiate (v)
to verify, add merit to, prove real.
Penitent (adj)
remorseful, feeling forgiveness.
Meritorious (adj)
deserving of what one gets.
Despondent (adj)
feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression
Reticent (adj)
inclined to be silent or uncommunicative in speech
shy ....
Surreptitious (adj)
done, made, or acquired by stealth
Stymie (v)
to present an obstacle to : stand in the way of , to halt progress.
Reverence (n)
honor or respect felt or shown
Florid (adj)
overly showy or colorful.
Imperious (adj)
marked by arrogant assurance
Censure (n)
a judgment involving condemnation, the act of blaming or condemning sternly
Amorphous (adj)
having no definite shape or form
Debase (v)
to lower in status, esteem, quality, or character
Repudiate (v)
to refuse to accept.
Dogmatic (adj)
stubbornly insisting on one's own principle or beliefs
Interminable (adj)
seeming to go on forever, never ending.
Convolute (v)
to twist something and make things harder to understand.
Placate (v)
to appease; to smooth over and lessen someone's anger.
Furtive (adj)
secretive and shy
Antithesis (n)
the direct opposite of a thing or idea.
Digression (n)
A movement away from the main topic.
Zeal (n)
enthusiasm or passion
Idiosyncratic (adj)
specific to a thing or persons way of being.
Diminutive (adj)
small or tiny.
Dilatory (adj)
tending to delay or postpone.
Brusque (adj)
Rough in manner, rude , or blunt.
Effervescent (adj)
having a bubbly or fizzy quality
Intrepid (adj)
fearless & daring.
Vacuous (adj)
empty or lacking intelligent ideas.
Bigot (n)
someone who is intolerant of beliefs, values, lifestyles, and races different than one's own.
Moratorium (n)
An authorized period of waiting or delay, a suspension of activity.
Eclectic (adj)
broad rather than exclusive, drawing from many ideas.
add, not subtract or divide
Opaque (adj)
impossible to understand, unclear, hidden
Hedonistic (adj)
concerned only with striving for pleasure.
self interest
Scrupulous (adj)
Showing a strict regard for what one perceives as wrong
Gratuitous (adj)
excessive, not warrented
Austere (adj)
harsh and severe in mood, appearance, or personality.