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perdre un ami de vue
to lose touch with a friend
perdre la boule (informal)
to go crazy
perdre confiance
to lose one's confidence
perdre connaissance
to pass out, lose consciousness
perdre courage
to lose heart, courage
perdre espoir / patience
to lose hope / patience
perdre l'équilibre
to lose one's balance
perdre l'esprit, la raison
to go out of one's mind
perdre le goût de (travailler, manger)
to lose interest in, to not feel like (working, eating)
perdre le fil (informal)
to lose the thread (of a conversation)
perdre le nord (informal)
to get confused
perdre l'occasion de
to miss the opportunity to
perdre la parole
to lose the power of speech
perdre patience
to lose patience
perdre les pédales (informal)
to get mixed up
perdre pied
to be out of one's depth (literally and figuratively)
perdre du poids
to lose weight
perdre qqun de vue
to lose sight of someone
perdre sa page (en lisant)
to lose one's place (in a book, etc.)
perdre ses moyens
to crack up, go insane
perdre son pantalon
to have one's pants/trousers falling down
perdre son / du temps
to waste time
perdre le souffle
to be out of breath
perdre du terrain
to lose ground
perdre la tête
to go crazy
perdre la vue / la vie
to lose one's vision / life
courir à perdre haleine
to run as fast as one can
n'avoir rien à perdre
to have nothing to lose
Elle a perdu les eaux (grossesse)
Her water broke (pregnancy)
J'y perds mon latin
It's all Greek to me
Tu n'y perds rien !
It's no great loss, You haven't missed anything.
se perdre
to get lost, lose one's way
se perdre dans les détails
to get bogged down in details
se perdre dans la foule
to get lost in the crowd
se perdre dans ses pensées
to be lost in thought
Je m'y perds
I'm lost, I'm all confused