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Jane Addams
Founded the Hull House in Chicago. Offered career choices to the young and educated woman.
Florence Kelley
Wrote a report about the conditions in sweat shops and the effect it had on women and children. (8 hour work day, children under 14 couldn't work)
Samuel Jones
Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones. Believed in changing policies instead of the structure in the city governments. (municipal ownership, built parks and schools, minimum wage)
Robert LaFollette
"Fighting Bob" Wisconsin senator. Wisonsin idea- using academic resources to benefit people
Hiram Johnson
"Kick the Southern Pacific Railroad Out of Politics" campaign. Laws regulating utilities and child labor, eight-hour work day, and providing worker compenstaiton plan.
Jacob Riis
MUCKRAKER- "How the Other Half Lives", book about the life of the poor in New York
Lincoln Steffans
MUCKRAKER- worked for McLure's magazine. "The Shame of the Cities" Wrote articles exposing the graft that was occuring in American politics
Ida Tarbell
"History of Standard Oil Company" Exposed Rockefeller and his unfair buisness practices that got rid of all of his competitors
Upton Sinclair
MUCKRAKER- "The Jungle" Book that exposed the unsanitation that occured int the meat packing plants
S.S. McClure
Started McClure's magazine. Hired reporters to write about the nation's social problems.
John Dewey
Philosopher that wrote "The School and the Society" and "Democracy and Education" Believed schools should be embryonic communities that allowed children to be creative and particpate
Louis Brandeis
First Jewish Supreme Court Appointee. Used statitsitical, sociological, and econmonic data to support his arguments.
John Muir
Preservationist. defended the value of the american wildreness. President of the Sierra club and driving force behind Yosemite Act
Gifford Pinchot
Conservationist. Chosen by T.R to head U.S. Forest Service. took middle ground between preservation and unrestricted commercial developement.
Margaret Sanger
Birth control advocate. Believed contraception should be used as a way of advancing sexual freedom for middle class women as well as working class who had to many children to work
Eugene Debs
Socialist candidate for the election of 1912. Took credit for pushing Roosevelt and Wilson toward the left. popular amoung labor movements.
William Haywood
"Big Bill" miner who was a spokesman for the IWW or wobblies. Emphasized that no one would be excluded from the Wobblies unlike the AFL
Booker T. Washington
Urged blacks to focus on economic improvement and self-reliance. Also work on their vocational skills. Popular with white progressives because he stressed cleanliness and personal morality and seperation.
WEB DuBois
Wanted equality NOW. double consnious, struggle between african and american heritage. top tenth. Niagra Movement which led to creation of NAACP
George Plunkitt
head of Tammany Hall political machine. believed in honest graft.