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Ernst Hemmingway
wrote 3 novels, fought in WWII, won nobel piece prize, won pulitzer prize, famous for his novels
Harrison Houdini
magician, great escape artist
Charles Lindbergh
studied engineering, 1st to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris
Babe Ruth
19 years old, played for the Red Sox, worth $125,000, 1st sports figure to earn that much money
Will Rodgers
actor, follies
Al Capons
gang: 5 painters, hit man, bouncer, bar tender
Louis Armstrong
most famous musician of 20th century, recorded records with Ella Fitzgerald, trumpet player
Charlie Chaplin
actor/comedian, wrote starred and directed his movies, the tramp-homeless act
Langston Hughes
poet, poetry deals with being an African American
Clara Bow
actress, nicknamed the "it" girl, in silent films, 1st sex symbol woman
Henry Ford
Model T, Ford Model A, Henry Ford Hospital
Amelia Earhart
1st woman to fly over Atlantic Ocean, tried to attempt to fly around the world, disapeered and lost radio contact over the Pacific Ocean
Jack Dempsey
Heavyweight champion- boxing, nicknamed "manases mauler", unbeatable
Rudolph Valentino
1st sex symbol- ladies man, always saved and lived happily ever after in different movies
Mary Pickford
"America's Sweetheart", actress, innocent/good girl in movies, earned 1 million a year- founded united artists
F. Scott Fitzgerald
"the Great Gatsby", writer
Benny Goodman
jazz musician
Bessie Smith
singer- blues/jazz
Silent Films vs. "Talkies"
1st Talkie- The Jazz Singer
Nickelodians were 5 cents
The "Lost Generation"- protest against conservatism
bull market
economy rising
Bear Market
economy falling