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william Pitt
was the leader of the british forces, responsible for bringing back british forces to a commanding lead, after loosing edwin bradick, and was the prime minister once
Peter Minuet?
Established New Amsterdam
Brother James Duke of York?
get land between deleware river and Conn. & recieves all of New Neatherlands,
these lands were given to him by king james II
Peter Styventsant?
Govenor of New Amsterdam
John Berkly
one of the east and west new jersey land holders
& he sells his land holdings to the quakers after a arguement with another land holder
Phillip Cortoret
He is a land holder of east and west new jersey
govenor of Virginia
Sir Edmund Andros
appointed governor of New England durring the dominion of New England wich lasted for only 2 years
Ben Franklin
Heads the albany congress in the (albany plan of union)
General Edwin Bradick
leads two regiments of red coats,
william penn
- why was he hated
(started pennsylvania , and delaware,)
member of the society of freinds
(- he was hated because he wouldnt support the anglican shurch
-wouldnt take his hat off to his suppiriors
-wouldnt bear arms
-wouldnt take anglican oaths
-rejected predestination and original sin)
jeffery Amherst
british general that captured fort louisbourg and cape brenton island
Samuel De Champlain
established Quebec ( the first french settlement)
Renee La Salle
Claimed lands of (louisiana) to france
established (New Orleans)
Queen Anne
who was she and, what did she do?
started the war of spanish succesion, was james II's daughter