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President who made "trust-busting" a priority of his administrations?
Theodore Roosevelt or William Howard
Prisident of the 1990's
What act was designed to monitor and regulate big business, prevented monopolies from forming, and dismantle existing monopolies?
The Antitrust Legislation Act
Against treachery
What economic philosophy opposes government intervention in the market?
Is not Lazy
It doesn't have an a faire either
This is a market structure which one seller controls al production of a good or service?
Is not one gun
and is not a polygon
What economic term is used for the amount of a good and service that a consumer is willing and able to buy at various posible prices?
although it sounds like a diamond is not one
Wich Market Structures has a few large sellers control most of the production of a good or a service?
Is not Olive Garden
Economic term for a quantity of goods and services that producers are willing and able to offer at verious posible prices?
Is like supplying material for a community work
What ocures when the quantity supplied and the quantity demanded for a product are equal at the same price?
Market Equilibrium
It has a market
with some equilibrium
and balance
Economic term for having a series of price reductions that may become so drastic that each seller involved suffers considerable losses?
Price War
Is a War between a price of excellence