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pensare II intr (aus. avere)1.
to think
pensare a
to think of or about [problema, offerta]
a che cosa pensi
what are you thinking about?
ti penso giorno e notte
I think about you day and night
non posso penso a tutte
I can't think about everything
pensa solo a se stesso, al denaro, a divertirsi
he thinks only of himself, about money, about enjoying himself
pensa a quello che ti ho detto (tenere a mente)
remember what I told you!
mi fa pensare a mio padre
it makes me think of my father
pensa agli affari tuoi!
mind your own business!
2. pensare (prendersi cura di)
penserò io ai bambini
3. pensare (giudicare)pensare bene, male di qcn., qcs.
to think well or badly of sb., sth.
solo a pensarci mi sento male
just to think of it makes me feel ill
è semplice, bastava pensarci
it's easy, it just required some thinking
non pensarci neanche!
don't even think about it!
pensadoci meglio
on second thoughta
ci penserò (su)
I'll think about it
pensaci bene!
think twice about it!
think it over!
ci penso io!
I'll see about it!

I'll arrange it!
non pensiamoci più
let's forget about it!
non ci avevo neanche pensato
it hadn't even occurred to me
non ci penso proprio
nothing could be further from my mind!

no way am I doing that!
pensarla la penso come te
I think the same as you.

I am of the same mind.
le ho detto come la penso
I gave her a piece of my mind
una ne fa e cento ne pensa
he's always up to something
dare da pensare
to worry
è una faccenda che dà da pensare
the whole affair sets you thinking
e pensare che
and to think that...
pensa e ripensa
after long thought, after much racking of one's brains
pensa alla salute!
don't worry!