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PC 148
Willfully Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duty. Misd
PC 148.9
Providing a false identity to a peace officer by giving a false name or name of another to evade arrest or citation. Misd
PC 166(a)(4)
Violation of a court order.
Willful disobience to any written order of the court. Misd
PC 187
The unlawful killing of a human being or fetus with malice aforethought. Felony
PC 203
Unlawlfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of their body, or diables, disfigures, or render it useless, or cuts or disables the tongue, puts an eye ouyt, or slits the nose, ear or lip. Felony
PC 207
The taking of another by force or fear into another country, state, or county. Felony
PC 211
Taking the personal property of another from their immediate presence by force or fear. Felony
PC 212.5
Home Invasion

PC 215
Taking the motor vehicle of another from their immediate presence by force or fear. Felony
PC 236
False Imprisionment
The unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another. Misd
PC 240
*The unlawful attempt, coupled with present abilty, to commit a violent injury upon the person of another. Misd
PC 242
*The unlawful and willful use of force or violence upon another. Misd
PC 243
Types of Battery
*(b)upon a peace officer,FF,EMT
(c)upon a peace officer, FF, EMT causing injury
(d)battery causing serious bodily injury
(e)(1) D.V.
Assualt with a Deadly Weapon
*Assult upon another with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily injury. Felony
PC 246
Shooting at inhabited buildings/vehilces
*Maliciously and wilffully discharges a firearm at an inhabited building or occupied vehilce. Felony
PC 261
*Sexual intercourse with another, not the spouse of, without consent and by force, fear, decete. penial/vaginal. penetratin however slight. Felony
PC 272
Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
*Any person who acts, encourages, or causes a person under 18 to perform a delinquent act. Misd
PC 273a
Child Abuse or Endangerment
*Willfully causes or premits a child to suffer unjustifiably pain or mental suffering under circumstances liekly to produce great bodily injury. Misd/Felony
PC 273d
Inflicting Corporal Injury Upon a Child
* Willfully inflicts upon any child any cruel or unusual punishment resulting in a traumatic condition. Misd/Felony
PC 273.5
Spousal Abuse
*Inflicts injury the liekly casues a traumic injury. Felony
**spouse,ex-spouse, cohabitant, ex-cohabitant, parent of child in common
PC 273.6
D.V.R.O. Violations
*Knowingly and intentionally violates a protective order. Misd
PC 286
*Penetrating the penis of one to the anus of another. penetration however slight is sufficient. Felony
PC 288(a)
Lewd or Lascivious acts with a child under 14
*willfully and lewdly, upon any part of the body with the intent to arouse. Felony
PC 288A
Oral Copulation
*Copulating the mouth of one to the sexual organs or anus of another. Felony
PC 289
Pentration with a Foriegn Object
*Penetrating the sexual organs of one by force or fear with an object other than a penis against persons will. Felony
PC 290
Sexual Offender Resistration
*Person, for the rest of their life, must register within 5 working days with the local police.
PC 314
Indecent Exposure
*Person willfully and lewdly exposes their person or private parts in public with the indent to annoy others. Misd
PC 368
Edler/Dependent Adult Abuse
*Willfully causes, premits or inflicts unjustifiable pain or mental suffering. Misd/Felony
PC 415
Disturbing the Peace
*(a) unlawful fighting in a public place
(b) making loud/unreasonable noises
(c) using offensive words liekly to provoke a violent reaction. Misd
PC 417
*Draws, exhibits a deadly weapon in the presence of another and threatens to use it. Misd
PC 422
Criminal Threats
*threatens to commit a crime liekly to cause serious bodily injury to another and the threat has to be taking serious and immediate. Felony
PC 451
*Willfully and maliciously sets fire to, burns, or causes to burn any structure, forest land, or property. Felony
PC 459
*Entry into a house or building with the intent to commit theft or any felony. Felony
PC 470
*Intent to defraud, signs the name of another w/o premission. Felony
PC 484
*The taking of property of another w/o premission with the intent to premenantly deprive. Value under $400. Misd.
PC 487
Grand Theft
*Theft exceeding $400. Agricultre valued at $100. Aquaculture vaulued at $100.
PC 496
Possession of stolen property.
*Knowingly buys,sells, or receives property that has been stolen. Felony
PC 503
*Taking property of another by someone who has been intrusted with it. Over $400 or 12 consecutive months.
PC 530.5
Identity Teft
*Willfully obtains the identity of another and uses it for unlawful pruposes. Felony
PC 591
Destruction of telephone lines
*Unlawfully and maliciously removes, obstructs or destroys any telephone,cable tv, or other electrical wire. Felony/Misd
PC 594
*Maliciously destroys, damages, or defaces with graffiti the property of another. Over $400 - Felony. Under $400 - Misd.
PC 602
*Willfully enters anothers propert w/o premission. Misd.
PC 602.1
Interferring with a Business
*Intentional interfers with the business operation of another's lawful business after being told to leave by the owner/agent. Misd.
PC 626
School Crimes
PC 646.9
*Willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses another and makes creditable treats to a person. Felony/Misd
PC 647
Disorderly Conduct
(a)Lewd conduct,(b)Prositution,(c)obrusting a public walkway,(d)loitering about a public toilet,(f)drunk in public,(h)prowling,(i)peeping,(j)illegal lodging,(k)invasion of privacy
PC 653m
Annoying or threatening phone calls
*Intent to annoy, uses obscene language or threatend another with injury. threat has to be taken serious. Misd
PC 666
Theft with prior convictions
*Person w/ prior convictions for PC484,487,459,211, 215 or VC 10851 and has serve a term in any penal insitution.
PC 1203.2A
Probation Violation
*When an officer has probable cause to beleive a person on probation has violated the terms of, may w/o a warrant rearrest that person
PC 3056
Parole Violation
*Prisoner shall remain under legal custody of the department and shall be subject at any time to be taken back to prison
PC 11411
Terrorizing - Hate Crimes
*A person who places any sign, mark, symbol, or emblem w/o authorization on private property for the purpose of terrorizing. Felony
PC 12020
Possession of a Prohibited Weapon
*Any person who manufactures, sales, or imports, carries any prohibited weapon. Felony
PC 12021
Prohibited from possessing a firearm w/ a prior conviction or drug addict
*Any person who has been convicted of a felony or addicted to drugs. Felony
PC 12025
Possesion of a concealed firearm w/o a license
*concealed w/i a vehicle, carries a weapon cabale of being concealed upon person. Felony
PC 12031
Possession of a loaded firearm
*A person who possessess upon their person in a vehcile while in/on a public place/street. Felony
VC 2800
Complience w/ peace officers order
*unlawful to willfully fail or refuse to comply w/ any lawful order, signal, or direction of any officer. Misd
VC 10851
Vehicle Theft
*Any person who drives or takes a vehicle not theirs w/o consent from owner w/ intent the depreive owner.
VC 12500
Driving w/o a License
*no person may not drive a motor vehicle unless person has a valid lisence. Misd
VC 14601
Suspended/Revolked license
*no person shall drive a motor vehilce when their lisence is suspended or revolked for reckless driving. Misd
VC 20001
Hit & Run - Felony
*Driver involved in an accident that casues injury/death shall immediately stop at scene
VC 20002
Hit & Run - Misd
* Driver involved in an accident causing damage to property shall immediately stop at the scene.
VC 22100(a)
Right Turn Position
*right turn shall be made as close as practicle to right-hand curb. Infraction
VC 22100(b)
Left Turn Position
*left turn shall be made as close as practicle to the left-hand edge of the lane. Infraction
VC 22106
Unsafe Backing
*No person shall start a vehicle that is stopped and back until it is safe. Infraction
VC 21453
Red Light
*Driver facing a circular red signal shall stop at the marked limit line. Infraction
VC 21658
Unsafe Lane Change
*Vehicle shall be driven nearly as practicle w/in a single lane and not move into another lane unless it is safe to do so. Infraction
VC 21703
Following to Close
*Driver shall not follow another vehicle more closely thanis reasonable prudent w/ due regard for speed, traffic, and consitions of road. Infraction
VC 21801
Yield to the Right of Way
*vehicle intending to turn left/u-turn shall yield the right of way to all vehicles appraoching and continue to yield until turn van be mde safely. Infraction
VC 22350
*no person shall drive at a speed greater than is reasonable prudent having dur regard for weather, visibilty, traffic, and road condition. Infraction
VC 22450
Stop Sign
*Driver shall come to a complete stop at the limit line. Infraction
VC 22500
Parking Violation
*no person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle w/in the intersection, crosswalk, or w/in 15 inched of the driveway of a safety zone. Infraction
VC 23152
DUI - Misd
*No person shall drive any vehicle while under the influence of any drug or alcholic beverage. .08%
VC 23152
DUI- Felony
*Any person while under the influence of a drug or alcohol casue injury or death to another.
BP 4140
Unlawful Possession of a Needle
*No person shall possess or control any hypodermic needle or syringe unless it is prescribed by a physician
BP 25662
Minor in possession of alcohol
*no person under 21 shall possess any alcohol on any public place or place open to public.
WIC 300
Juristiction of Juvenile
*(a)child has suffered serious physical harm,(b)negelect by parent,(c)suffered emotional damage,(d)sexual abuse,(e)under 5 w/sever abuse,(f)parent causes daeth of another child,(g)child is subject to acts of cruelty
WIC 601
Disobient/Truant Minor
*any person under 18 who is presisently or habitually refuse to obey reasonable order or directions of parent
WIC 602
Minor in Violation of Law
*under 18 and violate law or ordience may be adjudge a ward of the court
WIC 625
Tempory custody of child
*may take into custody any child w/o a warrant when: (a)falls under 601/602, (b) is a ward of the ct, (c)is found on the street suffering from illness or injury and requires medical treatment
WIC 627
Notify parent when child is taken into custody. advise them of legal right and two phone calls no later than 1 hour after arrest
WIC 631.1
Minor misrepresenting self
*Complaint shall be files w/in 48 hours after age of minor is determined
WIC 5150
Dangerous or Gravely Disabled
* as a result of mental disorder, is a danger to self, others or gravely disabled, may take into custody to an approved medical facilty for a 72 hr evaluation
MC 8-107
Loitering for the purpose of solicitng acts of prostitution
*umlawful for any person to loiter in/about any place for the purpose of engaging in coliciting acts of prostitution. Misd
MC 8-120
Drinking on street/playground
*no person shall drink any alcoholic beverage on any street, sidewalk, ally, playground that is open to public
MC 8-128
Curfew of minors
*no person under 18 shall loiter,idle,wander,stroll, or play in/upon a public place between 10pm and 5am
MC 8-131
Committing a Nuisance
*no person shall commit any nuisance by releiving themselves in any place open to the public
MC 8-305
Excessive Niose
*no person shall make ,cause to suffer, or premit to be made upon any place open to public/street and sound or noise that causes discomfort to others.
HS 11350
Possession of a Controled Substance
*every person who possesses heroine/cocain unless w/ a written prescription by doctor. Felony
HS 11351
Possession for Sale of controlled substance.
*Possession w/ the intent to sale. Felony
HS 11352
Transportation for Sale of a controled substance.
*any person who transport, furnishes, sells, or gives away any controlled substance. Felony
HS 11357
Possession of Marijuana
*(a) 28.5 grams or less - Infraction
(b) more than 28.5 grams - Misd
HS 11364
Possession of Drug Paraphernallia
*Unlawfull to possess any device used for injecting or smoking a controled substance.
HS 11377
Possession of Meth/PCP
*unlawfull to possess unless upon prescription of doctor. Felony
HS 11378
Possession for Sale of Meth/PCP
*unlawfully to possess for sale. felony
HS 11379
Transportation for Sale of Meth/PCP
*unlawful to tansport, sale, furnish, administer, or give away. Felony
HS 11550
Under the influence of a controlled substance
*no person shall use, be under the influence of any comtrolled substance. Misd