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836(A)(1)(2)(3) PC
Peace Officer Power of Arrest (R)
647(f) PC
Disorderly Conduct; Drunk in Public (M)
594(A)(B)(1) PC
Vandalism (W)
211 PC
Robbery (F)
242 PC
273.5(A) PC
Domestic Violence
314.1 PC
Indecent Exposure
459 PC
487 PC
Grand Theft
488 PC
Petty Theft
601 W&I
Uncontrollable Minor
647(i) PC
Peeping While Prowling
647(h) PC
647(b) PC
647(g) PC
Alcohol Detox Facility
240 PC
602 W&I
Delinquent Minor
300 W&I
Ward of the Court
26 PC
Criminal Capability
837 PC
Power of Arrest, Private Person
192 PC
187 PC
40302 CVC
Mandatory Court Appearance, Vehicle Stop
841 PC
Informing Arrest of intent, Cause, Authority
247 PC
Discharge of Firearm at Uninhabited Building
246 PC
Discharge of Firearm at Inhabited Building
220 PC
Assault with Intent to Commit Mayhem, Sex Crime
207 PC
243B PC
Battery of Public Safety Personnel
245 PC
Assault with Deadly Weapon or Instrument other than Firearm
647.6 PC
Molesting of a Minor
289(a) PC
Unlawful Sexual Penetration (F)
288(a) PC
Sex Crime, Child Under 14 yrs (F)
288a PC
Unlawful Oral Copulation (W)
286 PC
Sodomy (W)
273a PC
Cruelty to Child, Child Endangerment (W)
264.1 PC
Rape with Accomplice (F)
262 PC
Spousal Rape (F)
261.5 PC
Unlawful Sexual Intercourse (W)
261 PC
Rape (F)
415 PC
Disturbing the Peace (M)
653m PC
Unlawful use of Telephone or Electronic Communication Device (M)
646.9 PC
Stalking and Threaten Injury (F)
466 PC
Possession of Burglary Tools (M)
452 PC
Unlawfully Cause of Fire (F)
451 PC
Arson (F)
422 PC
Criminal Threats (F)
166(a)(4) PC
Criminal Contempt (M)
273.6 PC
Violation of Domestic Violence Protective Order (M)
490.5(a) PC
Petty Theft (Punishment 1st Conviction) (M)
417 PC
Brandishing Weapon (W)
243.5 PC
Assault/Battery on School Grounds (R)
417.25 PC
Brandishing a Laser Pointer or Scope (M)
417.4 PC
Brandishing an Imitation Firearm (M)
496 PC
Possession of Stolen Property (W)
602(L) PC
Trespass Circumstances (M)
626.9 PC
Possession of Firearm in School Zone (F)
664 PC
Attempted Crime (W)
836.1 PC
Assault/Battery on Emergency Service Personnel (R)
5150 W&I
Detention of Mentally Disordered (R)
4463 CVC
False ID, Documents, Plates, Placards (W)
4000(a) CVC
Vehicle Registration (I)
5204(a) CVC
Registration Tabs (I)
Registration Card (I)
10852 CVC
Auto Boost, Tampering (W)
10851 CVC
Vehicle Theft (W)
12020 PC
Unlawful Possession of Dangerous Weapon (F)
12021 PC
Prohibition from Possession of Firearms (F)
12031 PC
Possession of Loaded Firearm (W)
186.22 PC
Criminal Street Gang Membership (F)
21464(C) CVC
Tampering with Traffic Signal/Equipment that Could (I/F)
12951(a) CVC
Driver's License Not in Possession (I)
12500(b) CVC
Motorcycle License (I)
21460(a) CVC
Double Solid Lines (I)
21453 CVC
Red Signal at Intersection (I)
20002 CVC
Hit & Run Vehicle/Property Damage (M)
20001 CVC
Hit & Run Injury/Death (F)
1460 CVC
Suspended/Revoked License (M)
12500(a) CVC
Unlicensed Driver (M)
22350 CVC
Speeding (I)
22450(a) CVC
Stop Sign Violation (I)
23152(b) CVC
DUI, 0.08 BA (M)
23152(a) CVC
DUI, Influence of Any Substance that Would Impair (M)
23153 CVC
DUI, Injury/Death (F)
11350 H&S
Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance (W)
11357(a) H&S
Possession of Concentrated Cannabis-Hash/Hashish Oil (F)
11357(b) H&S
Punishment of Less Than <28.5 Grams(OZ) of Marijuana (M/I)
4140 B&P
Unlawful Possession of Hypodermic Needle (M)
40300.5 CVC
DUI; Cause for Arrest (R)
11550 H&S
Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance (W)
27803(a) CVC
Helmet Law-Motorcycle (I)
25662 B&P
Minor in Possession of Alcohol (M)
Seatbelt Law (I)
11377 H&S
Possession of Drugs without Prescription (W)
2800.1 CVC
Evade Police in Marked Vehicle (M)
272 PC
Contribute to the Delinquency of a Minor (M)
71 PC
Threaten School Official or Public Officer (F)
69 PC
Resist or Deter Police or Executive Officer (F)
31 CVC
False ID to Police Officer (M)
27400 CVC
Headset or Earplugs While Driving (I)
148.9 PC
False ID to Police Officer (M)
243(e)(i) PC
Battery on Significant Other (M)
149 PC
Assault & Battery Under Color of Authority-By Peace Officer (F)
191.5 PC
Gross Vehicular Manslaughter (F)
653k PC
Possession of Switchblade-2 inches or more (M)
537e PC
Altered Serial Number (W)
148.5 PC
False Crime Report (M)
148.6 PC
False Report of Police Misconduct (M)
215 PC
Carjacking (F)
625 W&I
Temporary Custody of Minor (R)