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647 (g) P.C.
Civil protective custody. Allows a peace officer to take a qualified intoxicated person to a detox facility
647 (b) P.C.
Prostitution. To solicit or agree to engage in any act of lewdness between persons for money or other considerations
602 W&I
A ward of the court
647 (i) P.C.
Peeping while prowling. Loiter, prowl, or wander on private property, peeking in door or window of inhabited structure.
647 (h) P.C.
Loiter, prowl, or wander on property of another without visible or lawful business with the owner or occupant
26 P.C.
Criminal Capability. All persons committing crimes except: children, idiots, ignorant, unintentions, etc.
300 W&I
Ward of the court / juvenile court jurisdiction. In danger of serious physical harm by parents or guardian.
601 W&I
Uncontrollable minor. Refuses to obey parents persistantly or habitually.
837 P.C.
Citizens arrest. A private person may arrest another for public offenses committed or attempted.