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Fusion of the three hip bones:
Os Coxae
The top of the pelvis:
The font of the pelvis:
The bottom of the pelvis:
The top ridge of the pelvis:
Iliac Crest
Projection at the front of the Iliac Crest:
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
Projection at the back of the Iliac Crest:
Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
Bump directly below ASIS
Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine
Bump directly below PSIS
Posterior Inferior Iliac Spine
Ridge on the posterior Ischium
Ischial Spine
Rough bump on the bottom of the pelvis:
Ishcial Tuberosity
Socket where the head of the femur sits:
Cut on Posterior side, above the Ischial spine:
Greater Sciatic Notch
Large holes in the front of the pelvis:
Obturator Foramen
Cut below the the Ischial spine:
Lesser Sciatic Notch
Connective tissue between pubic bones:
Pubic Sumphysis
Where the ilium meets the ischium:
Sacroiliac Joint