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Pelvis ring of bone consists of
2 hip bones, sacrum, coccyx
Coxal bone consists of
ilium, ischium, pubis
What divides pelvis into greater (false) and lesser (true)
pelvic brim
What forms floor of pelvis
coccygeus + levator ani
Which two parts of pelvis are on the same vertical plane
ASIS + pubic tubercle
Bones of pelvis males vs females
Females are smaller and lighter, thinner then males
Compare pelvic inlet in males vs females
Inlet is oval in females
Heart shaped in males
Compare outlet in males vs females
Outlet is larger in female then in male because of everted ischial tuberosities in female
Compare subpubic angles in males vs females
Larger and wider in females
Compare male vs female sacrum
Female sacrum is shorter and wider
Compare obturator foramen in males vs females
Oval and triangular in female and round in male
Iliac fossa contains
iliacus muscle
Acetabulum is an attachment for
head of femur
Pubic tubercle is an attachment for
inguinal ligament
4 pelvic shapes
Android --> heart shaped
Anthropoid --> heart shaped also but pushed to lateral sides
Which pelvic shapes are male
Android + anthropoid
Which pelvic shapes are female
Gynocoid + platypelloid
Describe conjugate diameter
Anatomic conjugate --> rue conjugate, from superior pubic symphysis to sacral prominence
Obstetrical conjugate --> narrowest region, from back of pubic symphysis to sacral prominence, shows if babys head will pass
diagonal conjugate - only one that can be measured via vagina, from inferior pubic symphysis to sacral prominence
Describe oblique diameter
SI joint to iliopubic eminence
Transverse diameter
from lateral to lateral
-pelvic inlet - from arcuate to arcuate line
-pelvic outlet - from ischial to ischial tuberosity
AP diameter of outlet
inferior pubic symphysis to coccyx
Lumbosacral joint
between L5 ans sacrum
1. Secondary cartilaginous - IV disc, iliolumbar ligament
2. 2 zygapophyseal joints
Sacroiliac joint
little movement
compound joint - plain synovial + syndesmosis
-sacrotuberous + sacrospinous ligaments
Sacrococcygeal joint
cartilaginous joint
Pubic symphysis
secondary cartilaginous - superior and inferior pubic ligaments