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Sciatic nerve
Biceps femoris, semitendinous, semimembranous, internal obturator, gemelli, quadratus femoris
Femoral nerve
Sartorius, quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas
Ventral br. of lumbar nerve
Cranial gluteal nerve
tensor fasciae lata, middle gluteal, deep gluteal
Obturator nerve
Gracilis, Pectineus, adductor, external obturator
Caudal gluteal
Superficial gluteal, caudofemoralis (cat only)
Common peroneal nerve
cranial tibial, long digital extensor, peroneus longus, lateral digital extensor, peroneus brevis
Tibial nerve
Gastrocnemius, superficial digital flexor, soleus (cat only), deep digital flexor, popliteus, caudal tibial