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What is the testing requirement for admission to the UMCP graduate school?
Praxis I.
What elements are required for admission to the Department of Special Education?
1) Minimum 2.5 GPA
2) Passing Praxis I Scores
3) 45 credits
4) STAT 100, FE & EDSP 210 with a "C" or better
5) Goal Statement
6) Experience
7) References
8) 3 Letters of Recommendation.
Is pre-registration advising required or optional for EDSP students?
Advising is MANDATORY for ALL EDSP students each semester.
How many days before his/her registration date should a student schedule their advising appointment for?
One week or 7 days.
Can a student earn eligibility for teacher certification by "credit count" at UMCP?
No. UMCP has a Maryland Approved Program for students interested in earning certification.
How many letters of recommendation are EDSP applicants required to submit?
What are the two ways to become eligible for teacher certification in the state of Maryland?
1) By completing a Maryland Approved Program
2) By Credit Count.
What are the two major codes for EDSP students?
0808L for students not yet admitted to the professional program. 0808P for students in the professional program.
What degrees will graduates of the EDSP 5-Year Combined Program obtain?
A B.S. and an M.Ed. in Special Education.
What certification will graduates of the EDSP 5-Year Combined Program obtain?
Dual certification in generic special education and severe disabilities within one of the follwing: early childhood, elementary, or secondary/middle special education.
When do EDSP students apply to the Graduate School?
At the end of the third year.
When do EDSP students declare their area of specialization?
At the end of the third year.
Can EDSP 210 be taken at another institution?
No, it must be taken at UMCP in order to meet accreditation policy.
What grade is needed for a course to transfer to UMCP from an out-of-state college?
"C" or better.
What grade is needed for a course to transfer to UMCP from another college in Maryland?
"D" or better.