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lifelong utilization stage
fundamental skill stages continues throughout life for fun, fitness, and fulfillment
initial stage
a child's first observable and real attempt at performing the task
-uncoordinated and exaggerated without rhythm
fundamental movement phase
(2-7 yrs)
the ideal time for children to master basic stability, manipulative, and locomotor skills
ecological setting
the immediate environmental surroundings in which children are attempting to learn
specialized movement phase
(3 substages)
1. transition stage
2. application stage
3. lifelong utilization stage
application stage
(middle school- jr. high)
children apply their movement skills to organized sport
elementary stage
transitional stage between initial and mature stages. coordination and rhythm improve
3 stages of fundamental movement phase
externally paced
making responses to changing and unpredictable environmental cues.
ex. basketball
internally paced
a fixed performance in a set of environmental conditions, moving at their own pace
ex. bowling
mature stage
integration of all the parts of the pattern of movement into a well-coordinated, mechanically correct, and efficient act
What is in an ecological setting?
-object props
-available facilities
-behaviour settings(# of students...)
transition stage
= children have high interest in sports but have little actual ability
The stages of Motor Devpt
1. reflexive movement phase
(info. decoding)(4mo.-1yr)
2. rudimentary movement phase
(precontrol) (1-2yr)
3. fundamental movemnt phase
4. specialized movemnt phase
(lifelong utilization)