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when will a child use a bwd/fwd shoulder roll?
-as landings when they accidently have too much rotation
2 mimic exercises for landing on the hands
a. pretend to be a windmill
b. pretend to be bridges up and down
landings on the hands
-forward from knees
-forward from 1/2 stand
-backward from a squat
-backward from 1/2 stand
landing on the feet from various heights
-forward, backward, sideward
landing forward on the hands
-reach for the floor with straight arms
-slowly bend your arms, lower your body to the floor
-land as quietly as possible
landings on feet and hands
a. monkey run
b. crab walk
c. bear walk
d. frog jumping
why are landing on the hands more difficult than landing on the feet?
-they occur less and are less practiced
-arms are weaker, so let kids rest
landing backward
-hands point forward, and arms bend slowly to lower body to ground
safety notes for landing on hands
-correct hand position is fingers pointing forward so elbows can bend to absorb the landing
absorbing force in the ankle joint
-raise and lower the heels
-lower the heels slowly
-jump and land: toe, ball, heel
-jump and lower slowly to the heels
safety notes for landing on feet
-don't bend knees more than 90 degrees
-check for clear land area
-restrict height of elevated surfaces to knee height
landing on feet
(absorbing the landing force)
-jump up and down
-bend knees slowly on landing
-land as quietly as possible
bwd shoulder roll is easier down a slight decline such as
a. a wedge mat
b. a mat over a spring board
c. mat over folded tables
targets for children to land in/on
a. hula hoops
b. small mats
c. ropes laid in various shapes
purpose of teaching landings
-make the child indestructable