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What is the most common single group of congenital malfomations in infants?
congenital HD
Name 5 Acyanotic congenital heart diseases/
-Pulmonary stenosis
-coarctation of the aorta
What is the most common acyanotic congeital heart disease?
What are some cyanotic causes of congenital heart disease? (7)
-tetralogy of Fallot
-transposition of the great vessels
-total anamalous pulmonary venous return
-truncus ateriosus
-pulmonary atresia
-single ventricle
What are some teratogens that can cause congenital heart diasease
What HD does rubella cause?
-peripheral pulmonary stenosis, PDA
What HD does SLE cause?
complete heart block
What HD does alcoholism cause?
-Tetralogy of Fallot
What HD can warfarin cause?
Pulmonary Valve Stenosis
What are some chromosomal disorders that can cause HD?
-Edward Syndrome (Trisomy 18)
-Patau Syndrome (Tri 13)
-Turner Syndrome
-Chrom 22 microdeletion
-Noonan Syndrome
What heart problems can Down Syndrome cause?
-Atrioventricular septal devect
-Tetralogy of Fallot
Edwards and Patue Syndrome can cause _____ congenital HD
Turner Syndrome can cause what heart problems?
-Aortiv valve stenosis
-coarctation of the aorta
What heart problems can a Chrom 22 microdeletion cause?
-aortic arch anamalies
-Truncus arteriosus
What are some heart problems associated with Noonan Syndrome?
-pulmonary stenosis
-dysplastic pulmonary valve
What are some signs of a cardiac problem in a newborn?
-hyperactive precordium
What are some signs of cardiac trouble in infants and toddlers?
-feeding trouble
-failure to thrive
What are some signs of cardiac problems in older children?
-poor growth
-central cyanosis
What are some signs of cardiac trouble in adolescents and beyond?
-exercise intolerance
Williams disease can cause what heart problems?
-stenosis, valvular and pulomary problems
FAS can cause what heart problem?
Noonan's affects which side of the heart?
right side of the heart
In peds, S2 is heard where?
mid axillary line
In peds, S1 is heard where?
left sternal border
The dub sound indicates what valves?
mitral and tricuspid
The lub sound indicates what valves?
aortic and pulmonary
Innocent murmurs are usually asymptomatic and tend to change with __________ or disappear with ______.
If a murmur is heard in diastole, it is what?
NOT innocent.... you may even say devious, sinister, bad... okay I will stop now
Name some other disease that can affect the heart
-Pompe Glucogen Storage
-Mucopolysaccharidosis MPS
-Muscular Dystrophy
-Kidney problems
Pompe Glucogen Storage can cause what heart problem?
Mucopolysaccharidosis MPS can cause what heart problems?
stenosis and vulvular insufficiency
Muscular dystrophy can cause what cardiac problems?
-myocardial degenration
How does kidney trouble effect the heart?
via salt and HTN disorders