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Ebstien's Anomaly
(Rare) tricuspid valve displaced into RV cavity, resulting in RV incorporation into RA.
PE: severe cyanosis, CHF in 1st few days. Wide split S2, extreme cardiomegally, dec pulm markings. Delta waves ass WDW
Tx: PGE inc pulm flow. propranolol to suppress SVT. Digoxin/diuretics for CHF.
Wolf-Parkinson-White Syn
extra conduction pathway, electrical signal arriving to ventricles too soon "pre-excitation syndromes."

PE: tachycardia epi, chest palpitations, fainting or, rarely, cardiac arrest.
myocardial damage (coxsackie B virus or adenovirus)

PE(range)/Echo: Asym ST dep & T inversion. CHF w/ fever, fatigue, CP, tachy, S3 Gallop. Dilated Vent and atria.

TX: supportive. IVIG to minize myocaridal damage
Acute Rheumatic Fever
3-4wks post Strep pharyngitis.

JONES: Major: PolyArthrigia, Carditis, Nodules, Erythema Marginatum, Sydenham's Chorea. Minor: fever, arthralgia, C-rec pro, ESR, PR prolongation.

TX: Prophylatic Penicillin
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
AD ventricular septum thickens causing LV outflow obstruction.

PE: DOE, CP, syncope.
ECG: Left axis deviation, LV hypertrophy, ECHO is DX.

TX: negative inotropes, Ca blcker, B-adrenergics, no sports.