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Disturbed blood supply to femoral head that leads to necrosis is what disease?
Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
Manifestations of Legg-Calve Perthes Disease?
-insidious onset
-limp on affected side
-stiffness of hip in the morning
-referred pain
Management of Legg-Calve Perthes Disease?
-non-weight bearing and rest
-Later, activity is encouraged
-Abduction braces
-Directs head into acetabulum
In scoliosis, uncorrected deformities more than 60 degrees results in ___?
cardiopulmonary compromise
In scoliosis, bracing is required for mild to moderate curves. What degrees?
20-40 degrees
Post-op for scoliosis:
-Foley first 48 hours due to urinary retention
-Neuro checks - compression paralysis
Most common bone tumor in adolescents is called?
This bone tumor is associated with rapid growth spurts.
This bone tumor usually occurs in long bones such as the femur.
This bone tumor has higher incidences with retinoblastoma.
Where can osteosarcoma metastasize to?
An increase in alkaline phosphatase may occur in ___.
Management for osteosarcoma:
-If amputation - fitted for prosthesis immediately after surgery
-phantom limb sensation
-Usually elevate the stump X 24 hours
Elevated LDH occurs in this disease.
Ewing's sarcoma
Pain and palpable mass would occur in this disease.
Ewing's sarcoma
What occurs with radiation in children?
growth retardation
Amputation is not always needed in this disease.
Ewing's sarcoma
In Ewing's sarcoma, avoid heat or ice packs to the irradiated area.
Bacterial inflammation of bone and joints is called?
Osteomyelitis occurs in usually how many bones?
Manifestations of osteomyelitis?
-Epiphyseal perforation
< age 1
-Severe, throbbing pain
Management of osteomyelitis:
-Bed rest with immobilization
-IV antibiotic - large doses/long term
-2 tubes (drainage and antibiotics)
-Wound irrigatoin, I&O, neuro checks
What kind of diet for bone healing?
high calorie diet
S/S of iridocyclitis:
-Redness, pain, photophobia
-Decreased acuity, non-reactive pupils
-May distort pupil, may have cataracts
A slit lamp exam is performed twice a year for 5 years for this disease.
What is the first line treatment for iridocyclitis?
With Gold, used for the treatment of iridocyclitis:
-Avoid exposure to strong sunlight
-Skin rash, stomatitis,
-Monitor liver, kidney, platelets