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What is the normal growth rate for the first few months?
Birth Wt. Doubles by? Triples by?
Doubles by 4-5 months
Triples by 12 months
What senses are well developed at birth?
What sense in NOT well developed at birth?
Vision: 20/400

Retina is well developed but lens is immobile
Moro (startle reflex) should disappear by?
3-4 m
A positive Babinski is normal up to what age?
12-16 months
What are the developmental stages?
Rolling over: 3-4 months
Sits without support: 7m
Crawling: 7-10m
Pull to stand: 7-10 m
Cruising: 8-12m
Walking: 18m

Scribbling 12-18 m
Copy Circle 3yr
Copy + 4yr
Copy Square 5yr
Draw person 5yr

Walk up steps age 2yr
Throws ball 18m – 3 yr
Hops 3 yr
Kicks ball 2 yr
Rides tricycle 3yr
Toilet training 18m –3 yr
How long should babies be breast fed?
until 12m of age
What are contraindications to breast feeding?
Maternal TB
Infant galactosemia
What do you give if the baby is lactose intolerant?
Soy Formula
Cow milk should not be given until what age?
1 year
Babies of strict Vegan parents may have this type of vitamin deficiency
What is the recommended caloric intake for infants?
100 Kcal/kg/day up to 120 kcal/kg/day