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Parkland formula
Weight (kg) × Percent burn × 4 mL = 24 hour total (give half over the first 8 hours followed by the other half over the next 16 hours). Don’t forget to add the hourly maintenance.
ETT size:
(16 + age)/4
Pediatric BP:
< 1year of age < 90 Systolic BP

> 1year of age 80 + (2 × age) = Systolic BP,Diastolic BP = two-thirds of the Systolic BP
Pediatric fluid bolus:
20 mL/kg
Fluid maintenance:
4cc/kg for first 10kg
2cc/kg for second 10kg
1cc/kg for third 10kg
appearance pink/acro/cyano
pulse - 100/50-100/50
activity (tone) - Nl/hypo/none
respiratory effort