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Steps for bradydysrythmias
1) assess for other cause
2) ABCDE (if p <60 CPR)
3) hpyovolemia = .9 20ml/kg
4) EPI 1:1000 0.1mg ET OR
EPI 1:10,000 .01 mg/kg IV/IO (repeat q 3 as rythm hypoperfusion persist)
5) Atropine .02mg/kg rapid IV/IO or .03 mg/kg ET
6) Pacing = Contact Med control
What do we do after pushing IV/IO/ET drugs?
Flush w/ 5ml NS
What drug do we give a Pediatric who is unstable and in SVT (Rate > 220)?
1) Adenocard 0.1mg/kg rapid IV (use proximal IV/max initial dose is 6mg)
2) If no response in 2 mi, Adenocard .2mg/kg rapid IV (not to exceed 12mg)
If pediatric in SVT and severly hypoperfused and Adenocard not working, what can we do?
Cardioverion .5J/kg while ENROUTE. Can repeat 2j/kg
What do we shock a Pediatric at if in v-fib/vtach?
2 J/kg (mono or biphasic)then follow with CPR immediately following shock.
After first shock and 2 minutes of CPR, then what?
Shock at 4 j/kg then check then intubate and resume CPR
What are the drug dosages and orders?
EPI 1:10,000 .01mg/kg
Lidocaine 1mg/kg IV
Between each drug, what do we do?
CPR and shock at 4J/kg
What is the Defib sequence?
CPR-Rythm Check-CPR (defib charging or medication administration) - SHOCK
What is the EPI dosages for Pediatric Aystolic Arrest/PEA?
1:10,000 0.01 mg/kg IV/IO OR 1:1000 0.1 mg/kg (0.1ml/kg) ET
REPEAT q 3 minutes if asystole remains
What is the Atropine dosages of Pediatric Aysstolic arrest/PEA?
0.02 mg/kg rapid IV/IO or 0.03 mg/kg ER
What is the minimum dose of Atropine for pediatric asystole?
What is the Maximum SINGLE IV/IO dose of Atropine in under 8 years old for pediatric asystole?

1mg if greater than 8
What is TOTAL IV/IO dose of Atropine for pediatric asystole?
1mg if under 8
3mg if older than 8