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Vitamin A
Blindness (leading cause worldwide), xeropthalmia (dry eyes), nyctalopia (night blindness). Toxicity--> Pseudotumor cerebri.
Vitamin E
Hemolytic anemia in preemies, neurological damage in older kids if prolonged deficiency (neuropathy, weakness). Toxicity --> liver.
Vitamin K
Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn (VitK does not cross placenta well and gut flora not established) - treat with VitK IM and FFP. Breast fed babies vulnerable (little in milk). VitK dependent clotting factors = 2,7,9,10
Vitamin B1
Beri Beri - confusion, peripheral paralysis, muscle weakness, tachycardia, cardiomegally. ("Thigh Man" - two giant #1s in place of thighs, for B1, Too little Thiamine and the thighs become weak, Thigh Man falls down, becomes confused, and his heart races.)
Vitamin B2
Anemia, angular stomatitis, seborrheic dermatitis. ("Rib-O-Flavor" - Ribs that are so good they are eaten and only 2 ribs remain (B2), which is SAD - Stomatitis, Anemia, Dermatitis). Phototherapy uses up B2.
Vitamin B3
Pellagra - 3 Ds, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia. Toxicity --> vasodilation.
Vitamin B6
Swelling of tongue, rash. Neuropathy when given INH for TB. Toxicity --> neuropathy.
Vitamin B9
Large tongue, macrocytic anemia. Toxicity --> Irritability. When given for macrocytic anemia due to B12 deficiency will mask the actual B12 deficiency.
Vitamin B12
Macrocytic anemia. Bowel disease -> pernicious anemia due to poor absorption due to decreased intrinsic factor.
Vitamin C
Bleeding gums, poor wound healing, leg tenderness. Toxicity --> mega doses lead to oxalate and cysteine nephrocalcinosis. Can trigger hemolytic anemia in G6PD deficiency.