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What are the subdivisions of developmental milestones
gross motor, visual motor (or fine-motor adaptive), language, and social
what are the two developmental screens most commonly used by pediatricians to assess developmental milestones?
Denver II developmental screening test which divides strems of dvelopment into gross motor, fine motor-adaptive, language, and personal social
Clinical Adaptive Test (CAT)- visual motor ability
Clinical Linguistic and Auditory Milestone Scale (CLAMS)- language development from birth to 36 months of age
how can abnormal development be divided?
developmental delay, developmental dissociation, developmental deviancy
what is does developmental delay refer to?
performance significantly below average in a given skill area
developmental quotient below 70 constinutes developmental delay
DQ reflects the child's rate of development/ Chronicological age x 100
what does Developmental dissociation refer to?
nonsequential development within a given area of skills- preference of one hand may be related to abnormality of other extremity
what is the best indicator of future intellectual achievement?
language development
it is dividied into two streams- receptive and expressive each have separate DQ
Uptill when do premature infants require age-adjusted parameters when assessing develpmental achievement?
Untill 2 years of age a childs age should take into account their gestational age at birth
What is the syndrome of Attenetion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
Inattention, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity to the exten that the behavior is maladaptive and inconsisted with the devlopmental stage of the child, 5% females, 10% males
How is the diagnosis of ADHD made?
requires the presence of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivess in multiple environments (school and at home), present at least 6 months and usually present by age 7
What percentatge of children with ADHA have a learning diability?
What are some comorbid conditions that are common iwth ADHD?
agression problems, opositional definant disorder, conduct problems, mood disorders
How is ADHD managed?
multidisciplinary approach: behavior management, pharmocologic treatment
What are the first line pharmocologic treatments for ADHD? And what are the side effects?
What is second line therapy?
psycho-stimulants- 80% patients by increasing NE and Dopamine
Insomnia, ANorexia; tics and dyskinesis

If patients do not respond or cannot tolderate simulant medication selective serotonin reptake inhibitors and clonidine are sometimes necessary when the patient does not respont or cannot tolerate stimulant medication
What is Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD)?
Represents a spectrum of chronic nonprogressive developmental disabilities involving impairments in social interaction, communication and behavior

Autism is a form of PDD
How much more common is Autism in males?
4 times more common
When do patients present with PDD?
Between 18 months and 3 years of age, but symptoms can be present from infancny (impaired attachment)
What are the clinical manifestations of PDD?
Significant speech and language delays and problems with social interactions, limited eye contact, and do not give reciprocal communication, and do not engage in pretend play

many children have an attachment and fascination with unusual objects and may display stereotypical behavior
What is the best prognostic indicator of future success in children with PDD?
extent of language development present during the preschool years
What is adolescence versus puberty?
Adolescence refers to the passage from childhood to adulthood

Puberty refers to the biological changes that lead to reproductive capability
What is the sequence of sexual development in the male?
testicular enlargement
penile enlargement
height growth spurt
pubic hair
what is the sequence of sexual development in the female?
thelarche (breast buds)
height growth spurt
pubic hair