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Slipped Capitofemoral epiphysis
overweight age 10-16
Hip or knee pain
associated with ANV

Critical actions: 1. Bilateral hip films with lateral views
2. Non-weight bearing
3. Ortho consult
Hip pain Ddx
AVN of femoral head (assoc w/ Sickle Cell Dz and SCFE)
Septic joint
Transient synovitis
Septic Hip
Tends to children < 3 yo
Often febrile w/ elevated CRP
Need drainage in OR
Dx'd on U/S
Bacterial Tracheitis
Prodrome of cough, URI
Progress to fever and inspiratory stridor
No drooling or specific position of comfort
ENT to OR for tracheo-bronchial toilet and intubation
Racemic epi nebs
supportive care
If requires admission, admit to iso for RSV
Neonatal hypoglycemia
Sepsis often presents with lethargy and hypoglycemia
Need to check FS AND RECHECK after 2.5 mL/kg of D10
hematogenous exotoxin
Naf, Vanco or Clinda
Burn care
1. Check AXR for pneumotosis intestinalis
2. NGT
3. Abx
4. Consult Surgery
associated with hemorrhagic diarrhea
See HTN, oliguria, uremia

1. Check Cr
2. IVF
3. transfuse as necessary
4. Plasma exchange