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Pre-service education
education which takes place prior to a full time coaching job
In-service Training
educational experiences and opportunities made available to coaches already on the job
Program for Athletic Coaching Education
Five guidelines for conducting youth sport athletics
medical-legal aspects of coaching
training and conditioning of athletes
psychological aspects of coaching youth
knowledge of development of youngsters
sport specific coaching techniques
a program designed to assist parents to understand their roles and responsibilities
helps youth sport administrators plan, program, and deliver quality programs
Top Five College Courses for Coaching
Supervised Coaching
Psychology of Sport
Organization and Administration
Sports Medicine
Coaching Pedagogy
Multi-level Education Program
Volunteer Level-Youth Sports
Leader Level-High School
Master Level-Professional
What is the percentage of states that do not require certification of coaches?
Coaching Competencies
medical-legal aspects of coaching
human growth/development of coaching
psycho-social aspects of coaching
bio-physical aspects of coaching
theoretical/technical of coaching
practicum in athletic coaching
Coaching Skills
communication, organization, administration, management, sport psychology, nutrition, sport physiology and conditioning, sport biomechanics, sport injuries
American Sport Education Progam
(Multi-level Educational Program)