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What is name of Reuben's mother?
Helen Land
Her name starts with H.
What is the name of Rueben's father?
Jeremiah Land
His name starts with a J.
What is name of Rueben's brother?
Davey Land
Name starts with a D.
What is name of Rueben's Sister?
Swede Land
her name sounds like a name of a European country.
What is name of Rueben's Doctor?
Dr. Animas Nokes
Saved Rueben at birth
What is name of the two town bullies?
Israel Finch & Tommy Basca
attacked Dolly in the girl's lockeroom.
Who's Dolly?
Davey's girlfriend.
Locker room incident
Who's the author of the book?
Leif Enger
In what city is the setting of the book?
Montrose, Minnesota.
Who's Mr. Holgren?
The district's superintendent