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T F: With tactical nonviolence people genrally prohibit only physical violence
T F: Tactical nonviolence does not employ coercion in its practice
T F: Pax Christi's Vow of Nonviolence asks signers to live the nonviolence that Jesus preached at the Sermon on the Mount; this includes actively resisting evil in all forms
T F: Gandhis principles of nonviolence states that trusting is not an essential element b/c it puts you at a disadvantage of being overrun
T F: According to Christians and Gandhian nonviolence, passivity is one of the main characteristics
T F: Gandhis first act of resistance is in South Africa when he begins the campaign for couloureds to not have to carry identity cards
T F: B/c he was Hindu and abided by the social and religious customs of India, Gandhi did little to assist the plight of the untouchables
T F: Gandhian principles of nonviolence believed that if one exploits the weaknesses of your opposition, the point will be achieved
T F: Nonviolence is a way of life
T F: Pax Christis Vow of Nonviolence states that a person is to acept suffering rather than inflict it
T F: Cesar Chavez used fasting to protest against California grape growers using pesticides that were poisoning farm workers and their children
T F: As a general rule, fasting for political purposes does nothing
T F: Dorothy Day fasted at Vatican II so that the Council would take a stronger stand against nuclear weapons and stronger support for a peace statement
T F: Gandhis initial response to being called a national hero was one of gratefulness and accpetance
T F: When WWII breaks out, both the Hindus and the Muslims support the war effort-especially when Japan begins to close in on India
MC: Ahimsa means:
1. self rule
2. community living
3. nonviolence
4. devotion to truth
3. nonviolence
MC: Gandhi is assasinated b/c he is willing to:
1. work w/ the untouchables
2. have a dialoge w/ the Muslims
3. get out of politics
4. lead the government
2. Have a dialoge w/ the Muslims
MC: Gandhi began to use the spinning whee as a symbol of:
1. peace
2. boycott
3. simplicty
4. 1&2
5. 2&3
5. 2 &3
MC: what are the two ways (characteristics) we generally use to classify nonviolent commitment.
1. scope & attitude
2. intent & extent
3. definition & type of commitment
4. tactical & motivation
3. definiton & type of commitment
MC: A labor strike is a good example of tactical nonviolence b/c:
1. it prohibits only physical violece but ppl may hold antagonism toward the opponent
2. it is seen as an unconditional commitment to nonviolence
3. it seeks to motivate the participants & to achieve what they want
4. it tries to convince ppl to join a different way of thinking w/o using violence
This act empowered Indian authorities to suppress seditoin by detaining political activists without a trial and censoring the press
the Rowlatt Acts
satyagraha means
the significance of the salt proest was to
provoke a response from the British and to change the law of british control
the significance of the bolivian womens protest was to
protest the firing and exiling of family members for labor organizing
in this year gandhi leads the salt march to Dandi and inagurates a mass of civil disobedience campaign
gandhian nonviolence is:
(3) things
prohibiting using physical or psychological violence, active caring towards opponent, and w/ the intention to convert
gandhis profession was
a lawyer
2 possible intents of nonviolence are:
1. to force a change (coercive)
2. to change ones idea (convert)
the targets of gandhis protest were not against ppl who did evil things but __ __ that forced people to behave in evil ways
social structures
Harijans are:
the subhuman untouchables
mahatma means....
great soul
the two aims in gandhis work of nonviolence
working against prejudice
blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see god. this means taht we are to begin seeing god everywhere
the anawim are
the poor of god
the beatitudes summarize the fundamental preachings and activities of jesus which is
the proclamation of the good news to the poor
3 stories of marys life:
1. contemplative nonviolence
2. active nonviolence
3. prophetic nonviolence
mary is a model of being a teacher; jesus learned from mary the idea of __ ___
prophetic nonviolence
metanioa is
a daily conversion of the heart
qualities necessary for a nonviolent lifestyle *3*
1. loving your neighbor
2. serve the poor
3. stand w/ the marginalized
blessed are the poor, jesus begins. they recieve the first and greatest blessing. what is that blessing?
the kingdom of god
we learn from mary that we are dependent and cannot be __ to ourselves
__ gives god an opportunity to teach us what the will and reign are about -- justice
this is the affirmative action of God on behalf of those who have no one plead their case
the call to live justly and walk humbly with god requires __
like all women who lived/live under an oppresive regime, mary shares in the suffering lives of the ___
as a woman of faith, mary answers the prophetic call of being a __ w/ god
in the magnificat the prayer/song reiterates gods __ to the covenant of past generations and to the future ones
the beatitudes and the story of mary of nazareth echo the biblican vision of and call to __
reformist nonviolence use ppl who practice this to identify different policies that cause social problems and work to change these policies
conflicts are resolved in nonviolent actions by only refusing to do certain things: physical force will never be employed
revolutionary nonviolence involves
structural analysis of political and economic relationships and then work to change them
this nonviolence says that suffering, only not physical, can be inflicted on opposing forces
social, economic, or political noncooperation is known as
punishments or reprisals (violent/nonviolent) for failure to act in the expected manner or for acting in an unexpected manner is called
this strives to satisfy the needs of all involved and is a unity of means and end. it is also considered a way of life.
this is deliberate, open, and peaceful violation of particular laws
civil disobedience
an economic boycott initated and enforced by a gov't
the use of economic boycotts or srikes, or both, against an oppontent
economic non-cooperation
the withholding of usual obedience to, or in participation, the political system
political non-cooperation
nonviolent struggle that is in reacion to a disapproved act, policy or gov't
non-violent resistance
poverty is rapidly falling in europe and central asia
nearly 8 million children in the US go to bed hungry
the economy food plan is the USDA's least expensive plan for nutritional substence
povery is not:
1. not having a job
2. fear for the future
3. lack of shelter
4. living one season at a time
all of the above
nearly 3 billion ppl live on less than $2 a day
how many children die of hunger each day?
what city has the highest child poverty rate in America
Brownsville, TX
how many ppl live on less than $1 a day?
1.3 Billion
how many ppl around the world are chronically hungry?
1 billion
what is the name of the state w/ the highest percentage of chidren under the age of 18 living in poverty?
district of columbia
how many US citizens are living in poverty?
1 out of 8
ethnic group that has highest poverty rate?
texas is ranked #? on the Top Ten States w/ the Highest poverty rate
an estimated ___ ppl entered the 21st century not able to read or write
1 billion
how many children in the US go to bed hungry at night?
13 million
how was the poverty threshold created?
the economy food plan is multiplied by 3, b/c the 3 allows for expenses other than food
the amount at which a person or family has enough money for minimal nutritional subsitnence & basic living costs
poverty line
the income that a family has is matched up against the poverty threshold or
measure of need
the only condemnation of Vatican II was of nuclear war
the challenge of peace by US bishops was the first time the church used nonviolence to describe the gospels way of peacemaking
during the gulf war, the north american catholic church denounced it
"every act of war directed to the indiscriminate destruction of whole cities or vast areas w/ their inhabitants is a crime against humanity & God, which merits firm & unequivocal condemnation"
Gaudium et Spes
peace cannot be obtained on earth unles the welfare of humanity is safeguarded & ppl freely & trustingly share w/ one another the riches of their minds and talents
Gaudium et Spes
"the superfluous wealth of rich countries should be placed at the service of poor nations. to struggle against injustice is to promote the common good
populorum progressio
"violence destroys what it claims to defend the dignity, the life, the freedom of human baings. violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society"
Pope John Paul II -- Ireland
"since peace must be born of mutual trust btwn ppls instead of being forced on nations throught dread of arms, all must work to put an end to the arms race and make a real beginning of disarmament, not unilaterally indeed by at an equal rate on all sides..."
Gaudium et Spes
"structural justice is prerequisite for peace."
"the vision of nonviolence is not passive about injustice & the defense of the rights of others; it rather affirms & exemplifies what it means to resist injustice through nonviolent methods
The Challenge of Peace
"true courage lies working for peace"
Pope John Paul II -- Ireland
"war is the work of humanity. war is destruction of human life. war is death."
Pope John Paul II -- Japan
issued by Pope John XXIII questions all warfare and opens the door to a church of nonviolence
Pacem in Terris
the first Catholic Social teaching document
Rerum Novarum
Pope John XXIII issued the churches strongest plea for peace when the world came to the brink of nuclear war during
the cuban missile crisis
according to Vatican II and Gaudium et Spes __ is the root cause of violence & conflict and it must be eliminated
Vatican II affirmed that the Cross of Christ was to return to its true meaning of
this pope was concerned w/ the conditions for world peace and confronting the arms race among other things
Pope John XXIII
this document states that "action for justice" is an intregal dimension of the preaching of the gospel
Justice in the World
this principle states that although the Church upholds the right to private property, this is subordinate to the right to common use & the overall common good
The universal Purpose of Goods
this document celebrates the 100 year anniversary of Rerum novarum
centesimus Annus
the "just war theory" originated w/ the writing of this christian thinker
St. Agustine
the justice tradition of the church begins w/
the hebrew scriptures
the principle of CST refers to seeing hte world through the eyes of the poor & lead to action for justice w/ AND on behalf of the marginalized
Option for the Poor
this document, among other things, condemns poverty & calls christians to build structures that uphold justice & peace
Gaudium et Spes
this document included the prefrential option for the poor as the central tenet & developed the ideas of "solidarity" & "structures of sin"
sollicitudo Rei Socialis
element of the Just War Theory found "this prevents an irrational resort to force or hopeless resitance when the outocome is simply sending ppl out to die"
probablity of success
this pope was concerned w/ the development aid & working for justice and structural injustice
Paul VI
jus in bello is the question of when is it permissible to wage war?
the gospel is about liberation form all oppressive structures
evangeli nuntiandi
condemns poverty
gaudium et spes
focuses on human rights as the basis for peace
pacem in terris
identifies the widening gap btwn rich and poor nations as a global concern for justice
Mater et Magistra
the right to a just wage & to organize associations or unions to defend just claims
rerum novarum
christians msut work to build structures taht uphold justice and peace
gaudium et spes
links the work of doing justice w/ evangelization
Mater et Magistra
humans created in the image & likeness of God for that possess inalienable dignity that stamps human existence as good regardless of gender, race, class, etc
Dignity of Human Person
helps us to see the "other" as a neighbor where we respect and value them
look at reality through the eyes of the poor
the Option for the Poor
borth earth and humanity must be in partnership w/ each other for their mutual survival
The universal purpose of goods
ppl should be able to take part int he decision which affect their lives
participation as a basic human right
which document does not specifically address the arms race, nuclear war, disarmament, etc
sollicitudo rei socialis