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Kehr's Sign
+pain radiating to left shoulder 2/2 blood in abd cavity
likely dx = ruptured spleen
Murphy's Sign
URQ pain on inspiration 2/2 trapping gallbladder
likely dx = cholecystitis
Cullen's Sign
periumbilical ecchymosis
likely dx = pancreatitis
Carnett's Sign
pain increases with raising neck/shoulders from supine
likely dx = musculoskeletal origin
Get Up & Go Test
mobility test
Katz Index
ADLs test
Barthel Index
ADLs test
Lawton Scale
iADL test
social support test
Folstein Mini-mental
cognitive function test
cognitive function test
functional test for dementia
Blessed Test
behaviorial test for dementia
geriatric depression scale
Exercise Stress Test
+ = 1mm horizontal depression or down-sloping ST segment
Doll's Eye Maneuver
+ = eyes move with head turn
Dix Hallpike Maneuver
bppv = +latency, +nystagmus <60s
central = 0 latency, +nystagmus >60s
Sausage-like mass in RUQ on PE
Olive-like mass in epigastric on PE
pyloric stenosis
Rosving's Sign
+pain in RLQ following pressure on LLQ
Obturator's Sign
+pain on internal rotation of hip = peritonitis
Psoas Sign
+pain on flexion of hip against resistance = peritonitis
Spurling's Test
+pain ipsilateral to compression of cervical root
Apley Test
rotator cuff
+pain on external rotation
Empty Can Test
+pain while flexing shoulder in supination against resistance
Lift-Off Test
+pain in internal rotation against resistance
Neer Test
+pain on full flexion of shoulder with elbow in extension/supination
Hawkin Test
+pain with internal rotation with elbow flexed
Cross-Arm Test
AC joint dysfunction
+pain on adduction of shoulder
Apprehension/Relocation Test
+reaction to dislocation pressure on external rotation
Yergason Test
biceps tendonitis
+pain while supinating/externally rotating arm
Drop Arm Test
rotator cuff tear
unable to maintain abduction
Tinel's Sign
+pain with tapping of median nervewith
Phalen's Sign
+pain with pressure of dorsal side of hands together
Finkelstein Test
deQuervain's Tenosynovitis
+pain with clenching thumb in fist and ulnar deviation
McMurray's Test
meniscus tear
+pop when applying varus/valgus pressure on extending knee
Apley's Test
meniscus tear
+pain with varus/valgus pressure on flexed knee
Lachman's Test
ACL instability
+sulcus of tibial/femur contrapressure
Anterior Drawer Sign
ACL Injury
+sulcus on tibia pressure anterior
Posterior Drawer Sign
PCL injury
+sulcus on tibia pressure posterior
Valgus Stress Test
MCL injury
+sulcus on valgus stress
Varus Stress Test
LCL injury
+sulcus on varus stress
V-Finger Test
metatarsus adductus or clubfoot
+medial deviation of toes
Barlow's Sign
dysplasia of the hip
+dislocation on adduction and posterior pressure
Ortalani's Sign
dysplasia of the hip
+clunk of relocation on anterior pressure with abduction
Galeazzi/Allis Sign
dysplasia of the hip
+unequal leg lengths
Trendelenburg's Sign
+drop of illiac crest while standing on one leg, indicating contralateral abductor dysfunction
Adam's Test
+dyssymetry of scapula/ribs on flexion of the waist in diving position
Gower's Sign
duchenne dystrophy
+climbs up legs while sitting to standing transition