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-name and purpose
- states "apply facemask if tuberculosis is suspected"
-wash hands/stethoscope

Gen. appearance
-habitus, posture
-level of comfort
-signs of distress and affect
-signs of anxiety
-inspects: nails for clubbing/cyanosis
-inspects: lips for cyanosis
-checks position of trachea (deviation)
first four items:
-lip pursing
-noisy breathing
-nasal flaring
(not bolded)
vital signs
-palpate radial pulse
(15 seconds-rapid pulse)
(15 sec-rate,rhythm, depth)
-blood pressure: right arm
(pulsus paradoxus)
Posterior Inspection
-Inspects for A-P Diameter(bold)
-palpate A-P diameter
-vertebral column alignment
-observes quiet/deep respirations
Barrel Chest
posterior palpation
-deep respiration symmetry
(both hands on lower rib cage)
-tactile fremitus
(apices to bases (side-side))
looking for symmetry and increased/decreased
posterior percussion
-percuss lung fields: 7 places
(apices to bases)
-percuss lung fields posterolaterally
posterior auscultation
-instruct patient to take the breath through mouth
-warn patients about dizziness/stop
-auscultates lung fields 7 places
-auscultates lung fields posterolaterally
character/duration of breath sounds:
-distance/absent breath sounds
anterior inspection
-adequately expose chest
-observed: quiet/deep respirations
use of accessory muscles/rib retractions
Anterior palpation
-Tactile fremitus Anterolaterally
Anterior percussion
-Pecuss Lung fields 7 places
-percuss Anterolaterally
Dullness, hyperresonance
Anterior Auscultation
-Pt takes deep breaths thru mouth
-Pt gets dizzy Stop
-Auscultation 7 places
-Auscultation Anterolaterally
Not Bold

-crackles, rhonchi

-Wheezes, Rubs, distant-absent breath sounds
Special Techniques
(to evaluate Consolidation)
-Post tussive crackles

-auscultate whisper pectoriloquy

-auscultate egophony E-A change
(All Special Techniques are to evaluate for Consolidation)