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badminton: where did badminton come from?
badminton: how tall is the net?
5 feet
badminton: what object do you play with?
badminton: how do you decide who goes first?
coin toss
badminton: how do you serve (overhand, underhand/straight across court/cross court)
underhand/cross court
badminton: do you switch from left to right after you score?
badminton: what is a let serve?
Let serve- a serve which hits the net and lands in the appropriate serving area - may be re-served
badminton: how does scoring work?
(play to what, win by what)
play to 15, win by 2
Badminton: can you only score when you are serving?
Badminton: is birdie in if it lands on line?
Badminton: is there penalty if a players' racket hits net?
yep; loss of point/serve
Badminton: what is a wood shot
where birdie hits edge of racket. (I have no idea if there is a penalty or not)
Handball: where did handball originate
The nazis invented it in a lab! (just kidding, Germany)
Handball: how is handball usually played?
11-man outdoor, or 7-man indoor. I believe what we played is 7-man
Handball: list the positions
1 goalie - 2 forwards - 2 guards - 2 centers
Handball: can you score if you are in goailie box
Handball: can you kick or knee to score?
Handball: how does game start
coin toss
pingpong: where did it originate?
english origin
pingpong: how do you determine who serves first
pingpong: play to (x) win by (y)
pingpong: after every 5 points, what happens?
server changes
pingpong: what special thing happens when it is 20-20
server changes with every point
pingpong: can you re-serve on a let?
lacrosse/stx ball: origin?
indians in north america
lacrosse/stx ball: how many players per team?
lacrosse/stx ball: how many players allowed over center line?
soft ball: know nubmer positions
I lhe Prtcher
2 the (latcher
-l the First baseman
4 =- the Second baseman
5 - the 'I-hird baseman
6 - the Shortsop
I : the Lefl Outfielder
8: the l-eft Center Ourfielder
9 -. the Righr Cenler Ourfielder
l0 == the Rieht C)urfielder
soft ball: how many strikes for an out/balls for walk?
soft ball: how many innings/who bats first
7/visiting team