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What is a formation?
the basic shape of a football field
How are most formations described?
in numbers of outfield players from defence to forwards.Eg.4-3-3(4 defenders, 3 mid-fields and 3 attackers)
What are systems?
the way a group of players work within a complete team formation
What is the most basic attacking and defensive patterns for biginners?
the WM system
In what year was this promoted?
Who invented the WM system?
Herbet Chapman
What team did he coach at that time?
Give the 6 laws of football from law 10 to 6.
method of scoring,the ball in an out of play,start and restart of play,duration of match ,the assistant referee and the referee
How long is a football match?
90 minutes
How long is each half?
45 minutes
How long can the lenght of half time be?
15 minutes
Give3 parts of ur body which u can use to score a goal.
head,foot and chest