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Who were the five people groups who first had games, in order?
Sumerians, Egyptians, China,
Greece and Rome
Name the four major games.
1. Olympics
2. Pythian Games
3. Isthmian Games
4. Nemean Games
5 themes of PE so far?
1. Edu through the physical
2. Edu of the physical
3. Religious ties
4. brought ppl together
5. participation varied between social status
List 6 events of the games.
javalin, running (long and short) wrestling, boxing, horse racing, long jump w/ wieghts
3 requirements of the athletes?
Greek decent
what were the dark ages like as far as sport and PE goes?
NO PE, every man/woman/child for themself, hunting hawking, spears, knives, ALL VERY UNORGANIZED
What was the Middle Ages like? What sports did it include?
trained for warfare focus was on church/mind rather than body and sport

CHURCH: opposed sports and recreation held on holidays because of things associated with it... gambling, immoral behavior and violence

Jousting, english football (soccer) rugged ball, bowling horse racing
Where did PE come from?
EUROPE - St Thomas Aquinas (needed for moral and social well being)
What did the Renaissance have to do with the growth of PE/Sport?
thoughts about edu changed

"Body and soul together"
What did John Calvin have to say about sport?
Protostants too busy for play and rec had to work and spend time in prayer

not pray or work = time lost
What idea do the Puritans develop about play and sport?
sabbath observance, roughness of sports, all about the church
What was a tavern and what happened there?
tavern owners = first sport promoters - arranged - horse racing, boxing, cock fighting, turkey shoot RULES: set by tavern owners
Colonial American Sport NORTH EAST
ppl had to work/get ready for winter no time for play and sport but if did hunt, fish, barn/animal stuff
Colonial American Sport
varied from city to rural tech advances created more free time for sport and rec and play UN-ORGANIZED!
Colonial American Sport SOUTH
slaves were made the athletes spectating really took off betting and gamling began

horse racing - went to court about winners/ending points!