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Soft decrescendo diastolic murmur is heard in?
Aortic insufficiency
A carotid bruit is heard when?
Arterial narrowing or aortic murmurs are present
S1 dec'd in?
S2 dec'd in?
1st degree HB
Aortic stenosis
Aortic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosis, or ventral septal defects may produce?
Bruits/thrills that are harsh,loud,or rumbling
Heart on the right side, same as liver?
Heart on right side, liver on left, stomach on right?
Situs inversus
Displaces PMI upward and leftward?
Pregnancy or high diaphragm
Displaces PMI laterally?
CHF,cardiomyopathy, ischemia, deformities, or mediastinal shift
Diamter >3 cm of PMI in LLD position is indicative of?
Hyperthyroidism, mitral regurg, aortic stenosis, and anemia may increase?
Dilated cardiomyopathy results in a decreased?
Brief mid-diastolic impulse?
Impulse prior to systolic beat?
Inc'd amplitude w/o change in duration, overloaded vol. in right ventricle caused from?
aortic septal defect
Inc'd amplitude w/ change in duration, overloaded vol. in right ventricle caused from?
Pulmonic stenosis or HTN
If hyperinflated lung prevents palpation of enlarged RV, palpate where?
Dilatation or inc'd flow over pulmonic artery or pulmonic HTN may cause?
Palpable S2
Palpable S2 over Right 2nd interspace means?
Systemic HTN
Hypokinetic heart displaced to the left means?
Heart failure
Large pericardial effusions make impulse what?
Expiratory splitting suggests?
Delayed closure of pulmonic valve or early closure of aortic valve?
Persistant splitting
Loud P2?
Pulm. Htn
Systolic click?
Mitral valve prolapse
Murmur coincides with carotid upstroke?
Murmur over semilunar valves?
Murmur of regurgitant flow over Av valves?
Murmur heard with MVP?
late systolic, click
Regurgitant flow over semilunar valves make what murmur?
Early diastolic
Murmur with turbulent flow over AV valves?
Mid-diastolic or early systolic
Starts in systole, thru S2, and maybe into diastole. Seen with patent ductus arteriosis.
Continuous murmur
Murmur with systolic or diastolic components?
friction rub
cresecendo murmur heard in?
decrescendo murmur heard in?
crescendo-decrescendo murmur heard in?
AS or innocent flow murmur
plateau murmur heard in?
Exertional CP with radiation to the left side of neck and down arm?
angina pectoris
Sharp pain radiating into the back or into neck?
Aortic dissection
Irregularly, irregular, can be identifable at bedside?
Atrial fibrillation
Rapid regular beating of sudden onset and offset?
Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
Uncomfortable awareness of breathing that is ain appropriate to a given level of exertion
Pt lying down and improves when the pt sits up, seen in LVFH,MS, obstructive lung diseases.
Sudden dyspnea and orthopnea that awaken a pt from sleep, also seen in pts with LVHF, MS, mimicked by nocturnal asthma attacks.
Accumulation of excessive fluid in interstitial spaces
Type of edema in lower body parts?
Dependent edema
CHF, hypoalbuminemia, nephrotic syndrome, ascites, liver failure may cause this?
NL distance that sternal angle is above the right atrium?
5 cm
Right sided CHF, constrictive pericarditis, tricuspid stenosis, and superior vena cava obstruction causes?
Elevation of JVP on expiration is seen in?
Obstructive lung diz
Above normal findings of distance above the sternal angle in JVPs?
> 3-4 cm
Above normal finding of distance above right atrium in JVPs?
> 8-9 cm
Local kinking or obstruction causes what to the external jugular vein?
unilateral distention
Prominent A waves are seen in/
MS, hypertrophic right ventricle
Larger V waves are caused by?
tricuspid regurgitation
Tortuous or kinked carotid artery causes?
Unilateral pulsation
Dec's stroke volume, artherosclerosis causes what to the carotids?
Dec'd pulsations
Small thready weak pulse in?
Cardiogenic shock
Bounding pulse seen in?
Aortic insufficiency
Delayed carotid upstroke seen in?
Aortic stenosis
Bigeminal pulse, paradoxical pulse seen in?
Pulsus alternans