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What is the size of these tonsils
What is the sign of this tonsil?
2 + tonsils
3 +
What size tonsils?
4 +
what size tonsils are these
actinic cheilitis
angular cheilitis
bifid uvula. need to carefully palpate for the presence of cleft palate
carcinoma of the lip
chancre of syphlis
herpes simplex
got it?
look at all the structures
mid-line cleft of soft palate
got it?
look at the different layers of the tooth
Over 15 mo. And cadidiasis
Immuno suppressed unless other wise proven
Indicative of thrombocytopenia
Can not be rubbed off like candidiasis
Fissure tongue
Hairy tongue
What does the inferior meatus drain?
Nasolacrimal duct
What does the middle meatus drain
Most of the paranasal sinuses
What are the majot function of the increased surface area of the turbinates
Cleansing, humidification and temperature control of inspired air.
Which two of the sinuses are accessible to clinical examination
Frontal and maxillary sinus
What is the labial frenulum?
Connects the lip with gingiva
How many teeth do humans have
32 permanent teeth (16 in each jaw)
How many deciduous teeth do they have
20 deciduous teeth, begin to calcify end of the first trimester
When do teeth begin to erupt?
Erupt 6 and 20 months.
What is the significance of a bifid uvula?
Clue to Underlying soft palate
Torus palatinus
Midline bony growth in the hard palate fairly common in adults
Yeast infection resulting in red, swollen palate with thick whitish plaques
Koplik’s spots
Seen with measles, small white specks resembling grain of salt on red background.
Fordyce spots
Normal sebaceous glands appearing as small yellowish spots in buccal mucosa or on the lips
Small red spots resulting form blood escaping from capillaries into tissues, infection trauma, reduced platelets
Thickened white patch; irritation commonly associated with cancer
Describe marginal gingivitis
Gingival margins are reddened, swollen and interdental papillae become blunted and swollen. Bleed easily when brushed.
What can chronic untreated gingivitis progress into?
Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
Uncommon. Occurs suddenly in young people and associated with fever, malaise and lymphadenopathy. Red , painful, grayish pseudomembrane
Gingival hyperplasia
Gums enlarge and appear as heaped up masses that may cover teeth.
What are some of the causes of gingival hyperplasia?
Dilantin therapy, puberty, pregnancy, and leukemia
What is a fissure tongue?
Also called scrotal tongue- fissures grow deeper and more numerous with age, may collect food in them and cause infection
What is hairy tongue
Hair consists of elongated papillae on dorsum of tongue. They are yellowish, brown or black. Harmless follow antibiotic therapy
What is an apthous ulcer?
“canker sore” painful, small, round or oval ulcers. White or yellowish gray surrounded by a halo of reddened mucosa. Heal 7-10 days. Usually recur
How many sinuses do children have
Infants only have one sinus- maxillary