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What is the tunica vaginalis
A serous membrane enclosing a potential cavity that surrounds the testis
This hormone stimulates secondary sex characteristics in males
What is the path of sperm out of the body?
Testis to
Epididymis to
Vas deferens and into
What structures contribute to the semen?
Vasa deferentia
seminal vesicles
What makes up the spermatic cord?
The vas in assoc. with blood vessels, nerves, and muscle fibers within the scrotum
This structure is engorged with blood to form an erection
Corpora Cavernosa
The vas deferens passes through here to get to the abdomen and pelvis
Inguinal canal
What is the color of penile discharge in a gonococcal infection?
What is the color of discharge in a non-gonococcal penile infection
Clear or white
Infections from oral-penile transmission include?
What is the MC form of cancer in men between the ages of 15-35
testicular CA
A cheesy, whitish material under the foreskin
what is balanitis?
inflammation of the glans
what is balanoposthitis?
inflammation of the glans and prepuce
What is Phimmosis
a tight prepuce that cannot be retracted over the glans
What is paraphimosis
a tight prepuce that, once retracted, cannot be returned
a painless nodule in the testis suggest?
testicular cancer
A cystic structure in the spermatic cord suggests?
How do you Dx a hydrocele?
Transillumination: shining a beem of light behind the scrotum; produces a red glow
what type of hernia is it if the mass cannot be returned to the abdominal cavity?
In this type of hernia, the blood supply to the entrapped contents is compromised
What is the Tx for an strangulated hernia with the presense of tenderness, n/v?
Surgical intervention
Palpable nontender hard plaques just beneath the skin along the dorsum of the penis
Peyronie's Disease

Patient complains of crooked, painful erections
Painless chancre
cluster of small painful vesicles
Herpes simplex II
Moist, malodorous warts
Venerail wart (Condyloma acuminatum)

Caused by HPV
A nontender, fluid-filled mass within the tunica vaginalis
A hydrocele
A scrotal hernia in which the fingers cannot get above the mass
Direct inguinal hernia
what can cause acute orchitis?
Mumps or viral infections; usually unilateral
Effect of Klinefelter's syndrome on the testis
Small firm testes
Varicose veins of the spermatic cord; feels like a bag of warms
Firm, yellowish, nontender, cutaneous cyst
Epidermoid cysts
This hernia is the most common, often seen in children
Indirect inguinal hernia
This hernia usually happens in men over 40 and rarely goes into the scrotum
Direct inguinal hernia
What is the function of the leydig cells?
They secrete testosterone when stimulated by LH
Peyronie's Disease
Crooked penis