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Basal cell carcinoma
inflammed brachial cleft ear
brachial cleft in ear
What is this?
chondrodermatitis helicis
cutaneous cyst
Squamous cell carcinoma
tympanic membrane
what is this. take a good look at all labels
Hearing loss associated with aging >50 yo
What are the 4 D’s to the the auricle examination?
Discharge, displacement, discoloration, Deformity
Upon examination of the ear what does discharge signify?
Otitis externa, OM with perforation, foreign body.
Upon examination what can displacement of ear signify?
Displacement away from the skull can signify mastoiditis, parotiditis, cellulites of the pinna, angioedemmaM
What is the umbo?
Where the malleous meets the tympanic membrane.
Par flaccida
Above the short processes of the malleous
Pars Tensa
Inferior, most of the short process
What are the malleolar folds?
They separate the pars flaccids from the tensa
What is the conductive phase of hearing?
The first part of hearing as sound goes from external ear to the middle ear
What is the sensorineural phase
Second part involves the choclea and nerves
What us BAER
Universally used in most American hospitals before infants are discharged
What type of hearing loss is the most common in the elderly
Sensorineural hearing loss
What are some of the clues to basilar skull fx
Hemotympanum , and other signs of trauma
What is a preauricular cyst?
brachial cleft remnants with an overlying surface dimple vulnerable to infection
In the weber test what does it mean of a the sound/vibrations did not lateralize equally to both ears
The sound lateralized to the ear that has the damage
What is the purpose of the rinne test?
Compares air conduction with bone conduction
What is a normal finding in the Rinne test?
AC> BC, 2:1
What are the signs and symptoms of otitis externa
Ear cannal inflamed, infected. Pain when auricle is moved, purulent discharge from ear
How does the tympanic membrane present when there is an otitis media
Eardrum is red, full loses landmarks and light reflex.
What is the most common bacterial pathogen of otitis media?
In pediatrics what is the most common OM pathogens
Strep pneumoniae 45-55%
What is bolus Myringitis?
Infections with painful hemorrhagic vesicles on the TM.
What are the symptoms of bullous myrigitis?
Earache, blood tinged discharge, hearing conductive loss
How long does it that for a perforated tympanic membrane to close?
4-6 weeks
What is tympanosclerosis?
A deposition of hyaline material within the layers of the tympanic membrane following ear infections or perforations
Cutaneous cyst in ear
Often arises from sebaceous cyst; benign firm sac lies in the dermis. Attached to epidermis but mobile. Can become infected
Basal cell carcinoma
Raise nodules; note telangectasia and lustrous surface. Slow growing rarely metastasizes. Ulceration may occur
Chodrodermatitis helices
Chronic inflammatory lesion start as painful, tender papules on helix or antehelix. Must differentiate btw this and carcinoma
Deposits of uric acid characteristics of topaceous gout; hard nodules in the helix or antihelix. Discharge chalky white