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Three causes of kidney enlargement
Bilateral enlargement of the kidneys may suggest?
polycistic disease
how does chronic and acute pancreatities differ?
Chronic has fibrosis while acute is only inflammation
what would be symptoms of decreased pancreatic function
diarrhea with fatty stools(steatorrhea) and diabetes mellitus
what's the most likely cause of epigastric or RUQ pain; may radiate to right scapula and shoulder, persistent pain, N/V, restlessness
Biliary colic- caused by obstruction of the cystic duct of CBD
what do these symptoms suggest?

Periumbilical or upper ab pain, vomiting of bile and mucus or fecal material; obstipation
High mechanical intestinal obstruction
this abdominal organ pain may be relieved by leaning forward
a disorder of alternating diarrhea and constipation
irratable bowel syndrome
Chrohn's disease typically involves this region
terminal ileum or proximal colon
malabsoption syndromes can be caused by?
pancreatic insufficiency
bile salt deficiency
bacterial overgrowth
this is an inflammation of the mucosa and submucosa of the rectum and colon with ulceration
ulcerative colitis- oftern contains blood
S/Sx of peritonitis
abdominal pain, tenderness, constipation, vomiting and moderate fever, decreased bowel sounds
when can you have increased bowel sounds
darrhea or early intestinal obstruction
when would you hear dereased bowel sounds
adynamic ileus and peritonitis
what does a hepatic bruit suggest/
carcinoma of the liver or alcoholic hepatitis
S/Sx of acute salpingitis
bilateral tenderness above the inguinal ligaments, rebound terderness and rigidity may be present
where are gastric ulcers most common
at the lesser or greater curvatures of the stomach
where are peptic ulcers most common