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Aphthous ulcer
- cancker sore in mouth
Enlargement of the supraclavicular node
- suggests possible metastasis from a thoracic or abdominal malignancy
- especially on the left
- tender nodes suggest inflammation
- hard or fixed nodes suggest malignancy
- general term for enlarged thyroid gland
Marcus Gunn Pupil
-seen in Swinging flashlight test
afferent pupillary defect...pupil does not constrict when light moved from good eye to bad eye
Cushings Syndrome
- increased adrenal hormone
- moon face w/ red cheeks
- excessive hair growth
Nephrotic Syndrome
- face is edematous and often pale
- swelling ususally appears first arount the eyes and in the morning
- sever hypothyroidism
- dull, puffy face
- Edema does not pit
- Hair and eyebrows are dry, coarse, and thin, skin dry
- enlargement of facial bone and soft tissue
- head elongated and prominence of forehead, nose, and lower jaw
Parkinson's disease
- decreased facial mobiltiy blunts experession
- decreased blinking... stare
Visual Field Defect
Horizontal defect
- occlusion of a branch of the central retinal artery may cause a horizontal defect
Visual Field defect
Blind eye
- lesion of the optic nerve produced unilateral blindness
Visual Field Defect
Bitemporal hemianopsia
- lesion at the optic chiasm may involve only fibers crossing over to opposite side
- temporal field blocked
Visual Field Defect
Homonymous hemianopsia
- lesion of the OPTIC TRACT
- interrups fibers originating on the same side in both eyes
Visual Field Defect
Homonymous Quadrantic Defect
- partial lesion of teh optic radiation in the temporal lobe
Lid retraction
- often seen in Graves Hyperthyroidism
- rim of sclera seen
inflammation of the lacrimal sac
Horners Syndrome**
- affected pupil, though small, reacts to light and near effort. Ptosis of the eyelid is present. Involved iris can be lighter in color than other
Tonic Pupil (Adie's Pupil)
- pupil is large regualr and ususally unilateral.
- reaction to light is slowed or even absent
- see p 217
- unequal pupils