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Bath blanket
A lightweight cotton blanket used to cover a person during a bed bath or linen change to help provide modesty and warmth
Bed board
A piece of wood that is placed under the mattress to provide extra support; helps to keep the person's body properly aligned by preventing the mattress from sagging
Bed cradle
A metal frame that is placed between the bottom and top sheets to keep the top sheet, the blanket, and the bedspread away from the person's feet; used when pressure on the person's feet could result in pain or skin breakdown
Bed protector
A square of quilted absorbent fabric backed with waterproof material that measures approximately 3 feet by 3 feet; used to prevent soiling of the bottom linens; sometimes called an incontinence pad or a soaker pad
Closed bed
An empty, made bed
Draw sheet
A small, flat sheet that is placed over the middle of the bottom sheet, covering the area of the bed from above the person's shoulders to below his or her buttocks; see also lift sheet
Used to describe the top sheet, blanket, and bedspread of a closed bed when they have been turned back (toward the foot of the bed)
A padded board that is placed upright at the foot of the bed; used to keep the person's feet in proper alignment
Lift sheet
A draw sheet that is used to help lift or reposition a person who needs assistance with moving in bed
Mitered corner
A corner that is made by folding and tucking the sheet so that it lies flat and neat against the mattress
Occupied bed
A bed with a person in it
Open bed
A bed ready to receive a patient or resident
Pressure-relieving mattress
A mattress that is placed on top of the regular mattress to help prevent skin breakdown in patients and resident who must stay in bed for long periods of time
Surgical bed
A closed bed that has been opened to receive a patient or resident who will be arriving by stretcher; the top sheet, blanket, and bedspread are folded toward the side of the bed, leaving one side open and ready to receive the person
Toe pleat
Loosening of the top linens over a person's feet to relieve pressure and promote comfort