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Article 1
Legislative Branch
Article 2
Executive Branch
Article 3
Supreme Court
Article 4
Relationship of the states to government and other states
Article 5
Ways constitution can be changed
Article 6
Supremacy Clause
Article 7
Goals for American Government
1. Form a more perfect union
2. Establish justice
3. Insure domestic tranquility
4. Provide for the common defense
5. Promote the general welfare
6. Secure the blessings of liberty
Principles of the Constitution
1. Popular Sovereignty
2. Federalism
3. Seperation of powers
4. Checks and Balances
5. Judicial Review
6. Limited Government
Part of Constituiton where the founders listed six goals for American government
Three branches of government are named
Responsive to needs of a changing nation
Supereme Court
Branch of government is the final authority on the Constitution