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How common is PCH?
Least of all AIHAs; 2%
What are the 2 forms of PCH?
In whom are they seen?
Acute - children post-viral inf.

chronic - elderly
What is the dat result in PCH?
Complement only
What antibody class causes PCH?
Biphasic Hemolysin, IgG
What is the name of the antibody that causes PCH?
Donath Landsteiner antibody
How does the Donath Landsteiner Ab behave?
1. Binds RBCs at cold temps
2. Causes hemolysis as it warms
3. Activates complement
What is the usual SPECIFICITY of the donath landsteiner Ab?
Do transfusions need to be P1 neg then?
no, only if the patient doesn't respond to P1 pos units.