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Gram Equivalent Weight
GEM = Molar Mass / n

n = # of hydrogens or hydroxl groups per molecule
Percent Composition
% Comp =
Mass of X in Formula / Formula Weight of Compound
x 100%
Percent Yield
Percent Yield =
actual yield / theoretical yield
x 100%
Mole =
weight of sample (g) / Molar Weight (g/mol)
Avogadro's Number
Molecular Weight
sum of the atomic weights (in amu) of atoms in a molecule
Empirical Formula
gives the SIMPLEST whole number ratio of elements in a compound
Molecular Formula
gives the EXACT number of atoms of each element in the compound
Combination Reaction
reaction in which two or more reactants form one product
Decomposition Reaction
reaction in which a compound breaks down into two or more substances
Single Displacement Reaction
reaction that occurs when an atom of one compound is replaced by an atom of another element
Double Displacement Reaction
reaction in which elements from two different compounds displace each other to form two new compounds
pure substance that is composed of two or more elements in a fixed proportion
combination of two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
equivalents =
weight of compound / gram equivalent weight