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Tx dwelling policy covers private dwellings
- no liability
- property only
- policy owner must own but does not have to occupy.
dwelling policy can be used for mobile homes only if...
they are stationary.
what is a good way to remember who dwelling policy is good for?
refer to it as the land lord policy
Could you have a dwelling policy if more than 50% of your property space is used for business?
could you have a dwelling policy if more than 500+ feet of your property space is used for business operations?
how does the tx dwelling policy handle houseboats, boat docks, boathouses, condos, and dwellings under constuction?
The policy cannot be used for any of those properties or situations. we don't like water on the policy, can't be used for condos because of the # of units, and dwellings under construction needs a seperate policy.
is the tx dwelling policy widely sold?
the dwelling policy is not widely sold but the homeowners is.
the tx dwelling policy dwelling policy comes in how many forms
what are the 3 forms on the tx dwelling policy?
basic broad and special
What is a form?
tells how well I choose to protect my property
how are forms characterized?
by the perils they cover.
what do form coverages describe?
they describe exactly what property is protected.