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Platelets (thrombocytes)
have no nuclues, cannot replicate, last approx 8-9 days in circulation before they are removed by the phagocytic cells of the spleen
Another name for neutrophil
polymorphonuclear leukocytes
steps of hemostasis
1) vessel spasm
2) formation of platelet plug
3) blood coagulation or fibrin clot
4) clot retraction
5) clot dissolution
What type of ABO antibodies a person would have with the following blood types: A, AB, B, and O
A - B
AB - None
B - A
O - AB
causes of jaundice
production of bilirubin exceeds metabolism and excretion and bilirubin accumulates in blood
abnormally low number of circulating RBC or level of hemoglobin resulting in diminished oxygen carrying cappacity
iron deficiency
fatigability, papitations, dyspnea, angina, tachycardia, brittle hair and nails, smooth tongue, sores in corner of mouth eating bizarre things like dirt and ice
fatigue, weakness, dyspnea, angina, headache, faitness, dim vision, pallor in skin, mucous membrane, conjunctiva, and nail beds
common causes of anemia
excessive loss of destruction of RBC ot from deficient RBC productions because of lack of nutriential elements or bone marrow failure