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 Pathology --
the laboratory study of alterations in cells, tissues, and organs that help identify a particular disease
-- the pattern of changes associated with the development of disease
the cause of the disease
diseases without an identifiable cause
diseases that occur as a result of medical treatment
diseases acquired as a result of being in the hospital
2 )Prognosis —
1-naming or identification of a disease

2-expected outcome of the disease
1)  Chronic disease —
2 ) Acute disease —
sudden appearance of signs and symptoms that only last a short time

develops slowly, signs and symptoms last for a long time
 Remission —
 Exacerbation —
 Complication
period when symptoms disappear of diminish significantly

periods when symptoms become worse or more severe

— the onset of new or additional problems that arise after the original disease begins.
— unwanted outcomes of having a disease or injury
 Clinical manifestations
 Signs
 Symptoms —
— signs and symptoms of a disease

— objective changes that can be measured by another person

subjective experiences reported by the person with the disease
 Prodromal period
time during which a person experiences vague symptoms before the onset of specific signs and symptoms
 Insidious —
vague or non-specific symptoms or onset
 Latent period —
time in which no manifestations are readily apparent, but the disease is present
 Syndrome
a group of manifestations that occur together in response to a certain condition