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A stone-like accretion in the salivary duct is called?
A lightweight mass formed in the GI tract composed mainly of plant material is called?

If it were made of hair?

Hydroxyapetite is primarily a combination of what two elements?
Calciun and phosphorous
Deposition of this is termed "gout"
Uric acid and/or urate crystals
Some prime sites for gout are -
distal joints in primates and joints, liver, kidney and/or visceral surfaces in birds
The nodule formed in gout are called -
tophus (pl. - tophi)
What is the most common form of pathologic pigmentation by an exogenous substance?
The condition known as "brown dog gut" which is oten resultant of a Vitamin E deficiency which leads to a buildup of what pigment?
lipofuscin (and ceroid)