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Normal Synovial Joint
diartherodial joint
two bones covered by articular cartilage, connective tissue capsule lined by synovial cells
resists wear, absorbs shock, weight distribution
collagen fibers in cartilage arranged in loops
articular cartilage
Synovial Fluid
made in villi of synovium
delivers oxygen and nutrients to chondrocytes
lubricates join surfaces
clear, viscous, few inflammatory cells, glucose level same as serum
nutrients and lubrication
Normal Joint Matrix
made by chondrocytes
contains type 2 collagen, proteoglycans, water, and enzymes
Degenerative Joint Disease vs. RA
older people
"wear and tear" arthritis
knees, hips, facet joints (lumbar spine), PIP and DIP
age, type, joints, inflammatory?
Rheumatoid Arthritis vs. DJD
any age
relapsing and destructive arthritis
more proximal joints = MI and PIP (in hands), cervical spine, wrist, ankle, shoulder, elbow
chronic inflammatory
age, type, joints, inflammatory?