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What cell is involved in Hypersenstivity type I and what does it secrete?
TH2 cells secrete IL-4 and IL-13
In Hypersenstivity type I, what cell is suppressed and what does that suppressed cell produce less of?
TH1, IL2, IFN-gamma
What is the major Ig for hypersensitivity type II
What cell is involved in Type IV hypersensitivity; also what is NOT involved
TH1 (also cytokines and macrophages) (note: no complement or Ab)
In hypersensitivity Type IV what cell is stimulated and what does that cell produce
TH1 produces IL-2 and IFN-gamma
Types of Type IV hypersensitivity
Tuberculin, contact sensitivity, and granulomatous hypersensitivity
Types of Type III hypersensitivity
Arthus, serum sickness, immune complex diseases, occupational diseases (oral inhalation)
Types of Type II hypersensitivity
hemolytic disease of newborn, and transfusion reaction
Types of Type I hypersensitivity